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Merging Gr And Qm Across Reimann Curvature

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Posted 15 May 2020 - 02:07 AM

I had a inspiration with how to merge QM and GR this time across the Riemann Curvature/Ricci Tensor, there was a previous attempt in the (http://www.sciencefo...ral-relativity/)thread which the definition I used for the trace of Scalar Curvature in 4-D time-space was not accepted as exact enough, however I can use one of the exact definitions of Riemann Curvature and still merge them into a Quantum Gravity Equation.


First as always we started with the fundamental equation of quantum mechanics being the Schrodinger Equation then reverse solve it for = d2/dx2 + d2/dy2 + d2/dz2





Solves as -(2m(iħ(dΨ/dt) - VΨ)/Ψħ)1/2 Quantum Mechanics


Now for General Relativity the defintion of the Reimann Curuvature I will be using is


R(X,Y)Z = XYZ - YXZ - ∇(x,y)Z where X = u ,Y = v , Z = W


Now Einstein's General theory of Relativity is as follows



Now we must solve that equation for Ruv or Rxy which solved for the Ricci Tensor is Ruv = (8πG/C4)Tuv + (1/2)Rguv Λguv which is also Rxy = (8πG/C4)Txy + (1/2)Rgxy Λgxy Now we can take that entire equation and substitution that in for R(X,Y)Z  being the same as Ruv or  Rxy , so (8πG/C4)Tuv + (1/2)Rguv Λguv XYZ - YXZ - ∇(x,y)Z , now we must solve that for ∇(x,y)Z which is the same as saying ∇(x,y,z). then -((8πG/C4)Tuv + (1/2)Rguv Λguv YXZ - XYZ) = ∇(x,y)Z and also equals -((8πG/C4)Tuv + (1/2)Rguv Λguv YXZ - XYZ) = General Relativity



Lastly, General Relativity  Quantum Mechanics Quantum Relativity




 -((8πG/C4)Tuv + (1/2)Rguv Λguv vuW - uvW) + (2m(iħ(dΨ/dt) - VΨ)/Ψħ)1/2  Quantum Relativity




-((8πG/C4)Tuv + (1/2)Rguv Λguv vuW - uvW) + (2m(iħ(dΨ/dt) - VΨ)/Ψħ)1/2  = (d2/dx2 + d2/dy2 + d2/dz2)1/2

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#2 VictorMedvil


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Posted 18 May 2020 - 12:15 AM

Stop using your crackpipe before posting plz

Unlike your theories which are clearly wrong, my equations are actually correct and make sense using proper mathematical definitions (https://en.wikipedia...ine_connections and https://en.wikipedia...urvature_tensor). That's what you don't understand physics isn't just a mixture of Star Trek and Star Wars, it is applying mathematics to physical phenomena from known definitions in mathematics and physics. Basically, I know it works as the mathematics definitions work, you can't just make stuff up and that's why you are a crank. This is why 90% of the equations on this site from cranks are useless as they use improper geometries and equations that flat out don't work and anyone with a mathematics or physics degree just laughs at them because they know that it is just incorrect.

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