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New Geographic Theory Of How Earth Formed

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Posted 29 January 2020 - 12:39 AM

New theory of geographic Discovery
By Jun Liu
The picture collected by Jintong Xirui is too meaningful and very vivid. It is most likely that it was a cosmic planet that hit the earth 65 million years ago. After the impact, the planet will smash and form the geological form of this map. The theory published by scientists says that the topography of Asia is caused by the Indian plate arching the Asian plate, which has caused geological uplift. However, if you compare it carefully, if the impacted and uplifted forms will definitely not be the same geographical form of the same form, let alone The earth lifted out of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Kunlun Plateau, and the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. But if a planet strikes,the results would be different because this collision caused the original pan-continental collision to become an existing state of six large earth splits, which broke the earth to form the Mariana Trench. The earth has water, and the trench is in Underwater is called a ditch. If it is called a canyon on land, the African Grand Canyon is also hit by an impact. If the seawater floods the African Grand Canyon, it is called the African Trench. The tsunami formed by the impact will destroy the creatures in the ocean. Together with terrestrial creatures, such as the remains of dinosaurs, rolled into the mountains and plateaus of the original land, the seawater of the tsunami receded, but the marine life in the tsunami seawater, the remains of the living creatures on the land, hundreds of thousands passed Fossils formed after hundreds of millions of years, and then scientists said that there used to be the sea, that Beijing used to be the sea, Nanjing used to be the sea, and the Himalayas Everest used to be the sea. Yes, but the seawater that was the tsunami due to the impact of the planets surged on the creatures on the high plateau and the land creatures, such as dinosaurs, dinosaurs The planet Earth is hit extinct. In addition, after the tsunami's seawater surged into the basin on the plateau, the molecules of the tsunami's seawater evaporated the molecules of the sea salt and left, forming the current salt lake. There are many more to say for the time being here.

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Posted 21 February 2020 - 01:12 PM

Earth and Climate Science (ATCC, 2011), which indicated that a short-term spike in solar flux is not unprecedented. In contrast, no abrupt changes of tropical cyclone intensity or frequency have occurred during the Maunder minimum. Nevertheless, strong Maunder minimum-like trends in the output of the Royer et al. (2011) global climate model, particularly in relation to the GMST, are observed. Because solar activity has been known to alter climate throughout the ice age, it is possible that the Royer et al. (2011) findings suggest that variations in solar activity may have played an important role in triggering the Maunder minimum. In this study, we examined the impact of the ancient solar modulation on human-caused climate change during the last