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Na22 Synthesis Of Antimatter

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Posted 16 March 2019 - 12:03 PM

I was looking into a old method of decay antimatter synthesis I hadn't looked into for many years which is Sodium 22 Transmutation and Beta positive Decay synthesis of Antimatter. The Idea is in a particle accelerator you could transmutate Aluminum 27 into Sodium 22 by accelerating protons into solid Aluminum targets using a particle accelerator at  32 Mev which would produce the Isotope Sodium 22 from nuclear transmutation much like bombarding Solid Uranium 238 with fast neutrons making Plutonium 239. The formula for Aluminium 27 proton bombardment is (P+) + Al27 --> Na22 + He4 + 2(P+). 


The Harvard Manual on Na22 Synthesis = http://adsabs.harvar...PhRv...93..280B


Now from Sodium 22 we can generate antimatter when it decays in the form of Positrons as Sodium 22 goes through Beta Positive Decay. 




Next would be the construction of separator to separate the Antimatter from the Sodium 22 which would be a set of magnets since the sodium 22 is heavier than the positrons the positrons would be more quickly attracted to the magnets which would be the entry way for a trap to hold the antimatter particles which could be made of Superconductors in a coiled donut shape to hold the Antimatter like which is used to hold superheated plasma in a fusion reactor.


Antimatter trap Chamber





All of the parts dealing with Antimatter needing to be done in a vacuum chamber as otherwise the antimatter would annihilate with the electrons in the air.



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