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Trump's Veto

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Posted Today, 06:28 PM

I have persistent doubts about you being a Canadian. I can give you several reasons why.. 


Why on earth could a Canadian continue to support the US's psychopath president? What is your hurting all about Gahd?

Your reasons don't trump facts though(see what I did there?) as I am Canadian born and raised. ;) I've told you why i don't buy tabloid lies, ironically you haven't elucidated your own reasons for being more interested in president spray tan's actions than those of PM Dressup and his fashionable opinion police. One of them has direct consequences for your your life and liberty after all, though both of them are probably gropers. You ready for our next April Fools tax? Were you worried at all about the Compelled Speech acts or the changes to your own priority as creditor to your own money in a bank account? Do you know half as much about our own country and it's recent problems as you claim to know about our southern neighbor?
I have reason to doubt all the above about you, particularly because of your repeated and demonstrable lies and inability to source a fact to support your opinion-editorial-fed positions. Somehow I think that's more important than your silly regressions and thinly veiled hostility. Be better, or forever be type 2 fodder.