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Scientific Challenge To Darwinists

polypeptide synthesis impossible intermediaries Richard Dawkins hemoglobin 574 amino accids

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Posted 10 December 2018 - 04:40 PM

I'd like to make it clear, I am not in the traditional ''creationist arguments'' as my view is rooted from science. In physics there is a well-known problem of fine tuning parameters, there are well over sixty of them in literature and these parameters are so exact that if they differed from their value only slightly, then the universe as we know it could not exist. Now while you might think that a superintelligence could not be behind this, it has in fact been recognized by Susskind as a real phenomenon; and as wild as it may sound, a god, or superintellect could be behind it. The fact it, our entire basis of existence relies on a very exact science based within the constants found in fundamental physics - how this could have happened to such a fine degree, is uncertain. I think this is the strongest evidence to support that our universe at least isn't as accidental as we might think. 



I also believe that a cosmic consciousness should exist. Apparently ''dead matter'' comes together to form mobile living matter and at our level of consciousness, it involves a great degree of flexibility giving rise to all sorts of experiences, deep emotions and complex thought processes. The ability for matter to come together and do this, suggests that perhaps consciousness is not as localized as we think and could very well be a property of the entire cosmos that wishes to express itself in any form of life. 


Belief or disbelief does not constitute proof.


I have a couple of Susskind's books and nowhere does he indicate God did it. It is more likely the universe just evolved from space because it could, like everything else in the universe. It exists because it can. 


Not serious > :) If you want cosmic consciousness try entanglement all things are connected to a certain extent, by gravity :) 

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Posted 26 December 2018 - 09:28 AM

SFAIK it has been observed that order can arise spontaneously within chaos. Pure chaos will not stand. Imagine a universe where NOTHING is defined, including interactions between whatever counts as 'entities' or monads. Since there is no defined scale in space or time you can't exactly call such things particles, yet. A well-defined universe will bootstrap itself out of chaos- not necessarily over all of it, however. More like a bubble or an island, metaphorically. Some sort of exchange between such domains will have to come out to maintain their relative independence (figure/ground distinction). The particular properties which make it more or less likely for definitiion survival can compete or cooperate, and so evolve. You start to get compartmentalization and property flows. Umpteen iterations later here we are, scratching our collective heads over it all.


Jess Tauber

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