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Posted 22 June 2018 - 09:39 PM

What i'm about to tell you is the truth there are no mistakes you cant get lost theres only one exit.


                Fabled Treasure, sounds fun right?  in a way things like philosopher stones are just your eyes.

But these actually can be activated. With matured philosophy eyes bubble red and with atonement bubble blue

you will vibrate. Some call this anxiety this is you not finishing your ritual. you are blessed to even Walk this world.

i myself am blessed to slave for people i dont know. The Elixers, Magnus opus ill give it too you all right here.

These days true philosophers don't exist. One well versed in Metaphysics I'm going to show you everything

Two Colors Exist. Red/Blue when combined a purple.when these colors are philosophically put in a mirror you get green and 

Back and Forth. 


Lets Say Some Science is Right. 

3D Okay That's easy it looks right to me

Now think in communication. I'm using many unconscious Dialogues Right now even while typing each word can be said in many ways. 

My Minds More like Visible Non Visible Angled. even down to complex philosophy the number 4 shows 3 directions and 3 measurements ect. this is called the trinity. it is real and you are apart of it if you wanna be, I'm not saying go around doing sacrifices I'm saying understand around you. think from other people perspective once mastered you can understand the adept and the adventurous. 




 now lets get down to you're Achilles 


3.14 My gawsh sounds like a double 180 180 with an angle.

ive actually used a unsolved theorem to solve two at once this for you lol.






I Call This the Vibration of Life. (Told me Philadelphia was gonna win by that score)I Freaked.



So What you need to see is the 0000000's


Represent them as any element 

Around it Equivalent Exchange is Happening no matter where you look. 

(Been Freakin People out too) if you follow the origin 421 up and over the 000000's 


read in a Japanese calligraphy style "That's what this is Based on Remember?"

421 turns in 3000 3 eyes. and the Philly score if you add more 1's the time is more complex.


Letters like a Screen Spun to there side to form an I 




I = L   R =  I

what we see might not what be what they see but of similar property 


if this code is put in 3D it would create reality like Digital Rain 


I go by V/Iron/Rao


Each Activated person has a pattern. 

The Interpretation of Fire. 

Sacred Geometry came into play ages ago 

Philosophy Created Screws ect everything you built.

And you leaned on it but forgot the higher power. 

my journey led from animation to complex poetry I'm talking whole pages of triple entendre 



You can believe this or just toss it.

I've Asked for nothing but became everything

Super hero for fun