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Double Slit Experiment Questions

Double slit question

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Posted 24 January 2018 - 06:23 PM

Hi all!


I'm new here, a 33-year old dude suddenly fascinated by science in general. I've got a question about the famous double slit experiment.


For clarity I included three pictures.


1: Basis setup where detector eliminates wave function.

2: Hypothetical, controversial, theoretical "measuring area" of detector visualised.

3: Different, hypothetical setup. Had this ever been done? Turn the detector the other way and measure behind the slits, at the receiving wall?


My main question is about different setups of this experiment. Did people ever try moving the detector around? Out of reach, only measure a tiny bit instead of a complete slit, all kinds of different positions. 


Has (literally) all been tried to find the limits of what can be measured without destroying the wave function? What if you only measure a tiny tiny bit at the receiving wall where only wave-functions can reach? Say an area where only 0.001% of particles would land. Does that still destroy the wave-function altogether? If so, what if you only measure JUST out of reach (definitely measuring nothing). Right on the border. Does that directly bring the wave function back into play?


Would love to know more about variations of this experiment. Does anybody know about any sources? I searched for a long time but no luck. 


I realise my visualisations are probably impossible as drawn but working setups should be possible I assume... I'm not a scientist at all!


Thank you very much!

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