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Can You Pinpoint A Photon Or Can It Only Be Expressed As A Probability Distribution ?

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Posted 21 February 2018 - 04:43 AM

I have gone over Planck Units in great detail they are the only ones that go smaller but are still Quantized Units, They are Quantized on the String Level and not the Lepton level, but after that you can literally go no smaller as time and space split apart, space is not constructed below the level of one Planck Length while time does exist below that point of one Planck Length space does not.








The Structure that is time-space below that level becomes too unstable to exist in that form and becomes time and space which the space is a nonsensical set of Energy fluctuations and time flows endlessly attempting to stabilize it and fails until the point of one Planck length when it hits a Critical velocity of "C" , the speed of light then becomes the time-space construct we exist in. See, how it starts to not make sense below that level.


Look at this,


ΔLp/Δtp = C , ΔLp = 0L, in this case being below the level of 1LpΔLp


then, reverse solve


ΔLp/C = Δtp , Δtp = -∞ = -, if ΔLp = 0  and  Δtp = -∞ = -




Time does indeed flow endlessly as there is not change between time's point values when time-space does not exist as a stable construct or has a zero value in the Planck Scale for space, even stranger time flows endlessly forever in the same spot, never moving, in a instant moment, until space and time bind. Wrap your mind around that concept as it is verbally explained perfectly. That is why it doesn't make sense and we just write that off as a hard cap on space-time's smallest unit.

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