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Primary Math?

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Posted 19 June 2017 - 02:19 PM

Ah, the whole thing is explained.  I am allergic to latex.

Now THAT is funny! :rotfl:

Seriously, after math, nothing is more confusing to me than these infernal machines.  That is why there are still many pens and pencils around here. 
Thank you, Turtle.  I am glad you have the gift.  I shall concentrate on that and see what I can see.   What I gather now is that I pay attention to what is at the forum and not what Gmail shows me.  Right?

My pleasure :hi:

Pretty much yes. If you get to know Latex a bit you may learn to interpret what you see in e-mail. Really old threads here with Latex code don't display properly, because the word 'Latex' was used inside the brackets back then rather than the current word use of 'math'. I have also noticed that some Wiki entries that appear to be using Latex are actually SVG images, and so the right-click business won't work. Ain't progress great? :hammer:

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