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Are These Strong Associations Sensitive On This Issue?

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Posted 06 November 2016 - 09:43 AM


We had been contacting with harvard university and Nature publishing. Harvard were replying each of my e-mails per/15 days.

I had sent them one project. but their this lateness made me miss time. however ,as I said in my other thread,I do not think that harvard's concept will be sufficient for me. some properties of my life are a bit strangely difficult. with harvard,we had had a telephone interview at last. they recommended me to apply PhD. but at the same time it expressed that I should provide them recommendation letter. This is unethic and irrational for me. I also repeatedly said   them that I did not need them for academic learning.Recently ,I mailed to harvard and said them that I cancelled all of my considerations. (I do not believe them that they would provide me enough option) Now I am redirecting my papers through nature only...(this activity is more objective))

The Question

is my this novel and different claim harmful for me? or should I feel me anything like "threatening"? I am sure at these point: I do not need them for learning. But economic situation might cause me to be late for preparation of papers. Succintly: is this belief harmful for me??. 

However,I observed that it was very difficult to convince someones. I say I love everyone,I am humanist but anyone does not believe me as I understand. some people / scientists  insulted me. so normally I have felt me sad.


What to do at least in order not to be affected negatively(?)

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Posted 08 November 2016 - 03:40 PM

Update: we do not believe that such modern and strong associations threaten us. We only think that we alleged somethings and we should show/prove them. of course some doors are to be closed to our nice face :( this is signal. we need to have potency. intimately it is quite difficult. probably any scientists had not considered to do such scientific researches under such difficult life conditions. anyway ,I am not feeling me regretful or ashamed. I will continue. I hope god  to help me.



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