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Posted 05 May 2005 - 07:28 PM

It was pointed out to me that several times I gave the formula of radius/radian as giving degree-distance yet failing to to give dimension of the standard radius - which is 4.5 units. I had assumed this was understood from previous postings. My apology in this regard and allow me to qualify the matter.

The greater dimension of the oblate sphereoid, which any circle is, and as relevant to the force creating its oblateness, which in our case is the Sun, is the E/W coordinate - Earth as the prime example - thus the polar coordinate oblate to that of the equatorial by the figure of 1.001129 ad infinitum. The figure of 4.5 radius derives from origins of our Base 10 number system, given as 0 - 9 and with reference to the circular plane - thus radius of 4.5. The formula applies specifically to determining the least distance possible between 2 adjacent angular degrees. Of more common use in determining that figure might be the formula pi/40.