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Posted 06 May 2005 - 07:13 PM

You are absolutely correct Tormod.

I didn't read the link properly. I thought I had read it on another site but alas I could not find it. This particular tale had no particular importance to me. I merely placed it on the forum to experiment whether it would last longer than my explanation of relativity. I'm sorry. It did last a lot longer though you'd have to admit that.

I have found the problem with my explanation is mostly due to the word 'illogical'. If I had used the word 'counter-intuitive' my 'opinion' is that it would have lasted a lot longer. Any other problems with the explanation could have been edited.

Now I have looked up the word 'counter-intuitive' and it seems from my POV to be a scientific term to describe 'illogical'. Perhaps if someone could explain the difference I could understand. :(

As for the case of the Amphibians from sirius I found it to be curious. The Nommo are not a proven fact. The case itself is rather curious and find I that the skeptics view do not explain this case properly.

Marcel Griaule had published a paper called the 'A Sudanese Sirius System'. He co-authored a book 'Le Renard Pale' (The Pale Fox) which was not published until 9 years after he died in 1956. The Dogon tribe staged a prolonged tribute at his funeral.

The questions of skeptic speculations are obvious:

1) If the Dogon passed on the information to Griaule how could they be coersed into telling such a astronomical lie. Perhaps if their lives were threatened then we could see that the lie would be understandable but it would contradict point 2

2) If someone had manufactured this story why would they not base it on available information i.e. why did they come up with the Sirius C. Further if it were manufactured, with information added as to contradict available knowledge, how would they be so accurate with regard to Sirius C. The people involved in this tale were not astrologists.

It doesn't add up.

So I feel this tale has not been accurately explained. I am willing to state that there maybe a reasonable explanation but I don't think it has been found yet.