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The Most Famous Equation Of Them All

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Posted 27 February 2011 - 01:58 PM

Sorry Domenico, I meant no offence.

We aren't in the habit of being very formal here and I've always heard adult guys from several southern regions calling each other guagliò in a friendly manner, even in address to a cool guy who's tough and knows his stuff, like. Of course I wouldn't have used it if I was addressing you as Lei and Sig. Idato, but I've always regarded it as a friendly chum kind of a thing that has spread around a bit up here too. Despite several old acquaintances, there's nothing specifically Calabrian I could think of.

I adhere to the school of thought where mass is just one kind of energy, called rest energy. To better clarify, I do not use the archaic notion of "relativistic mass" which has caused so much confusion since 1905.

Now let's get to the dispute: the relation of [imath]C[/imath] with [imath]c[/imath]. If we compare:

[math]E=mc^2[/math] and [math]E=mC^2[/math]

we can divide by the scalar [imath]m[/imath] in both cases. If [imath]E[/imath] and [imath]m[/imath] are the same in both cases, then by the transitive property of equality we can say that the two squared factors equal each other:


If both [imath]C[/imath] and [imath]c[/imath] are numbers they can differ at the most by sign. Now [imath]c[/imath] is the usual familiar one so, either your [imath]C[/imath] is [imath]-c[/imath] or else it must be something for which some kind of square is defined: a norm squared for instance or a scalar product of [imath]C[/imath] with itself, perhaps even the self contraction of a tensor...

So, is your drift anything of the above type? In any case, does it have any relation to VSL and PV?

Your apologies are acknowledged, thank you. Unfortunately, we have to leave it at that.