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Science Or Vested Interest?

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Posted 08 September 2010 - 04:30 AM

Why does nobody notice that along with all the symptoms being interpreted as global warming, are seismic events?  Scientists are also supposed to be mathematicians but it seems they cannot put two and two together, and make four?  (Nobody mentions these new cloud formations, Asperatus, and what they may indicate either).  Are we heading for a pole shift or is this more to do with something out there, like solar winds?

Then there is cloning.  Some spokesman for a cloning company was advocating that we all (That is everyone in Europe who is sensibly resisting the urge to get involved without testing), should throw in their lot with this new bio-technology and use only such cattle.  What if there is a genetic weakness, inherit in the process or the individual selected?  What if that makes it susceptible to disease or genetic breakdown and all the cows in the world, fall victim to it simultaneously because of this weakness?  Think of the resulting, instant famine.  Like GM crops that were supposed to cure world hunger but only added to it because of being only 80% efficient, when compared to normal crops, this could well be another white elephant that we regret globally because it is based on monopoly and money making, rather than reality and really trying to solve a problem.

In Nexus (current issue - vol.17, no.5) is an article about cancer treatment and how it usually makes the condition worse, rather than better.  The trouble is that the patient doesn't realize this because they get a temporary high from whatever is done to them (Chemotherapy feels wonderful when it stops because it makes you feel bad when you're on it and surgery puts you into remission by removing tumours, which again leads you to feeling better after you 'recover' from this assault on your body).  The article didn't make this clear but I feel I should.

What about Jupiter's red spot? A storm that lasts 200 hundred years and remains in one place?  Do any storms do that on Earth? No but eddies and whirlpools do, indicating that these gases are acting like liquids (things spin, when caught in a vacuum or when caught between two opposing forces - could spiral galaxies do this too because they are caught in some gravitational sink hole, like a black hole or is this already known for sure or speculated on?)

Why all this and more? It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome or burying your head in the sand, for reasons that link to this. Gallileo wasn’t attacked by The Catholic Church but by vested interests of the time that happened to have that form (Find the common denominator as my maths teacher used to say). It’s not science versus Creationism, The New Age or other crackpot theories but The Established Order trying to maintain its position (The status quo), through holding the purse strings: It’s good old animal dominance.

I saw this in my interpretation of ‘Evolution’ and the furore it caused, on this site. I saw it in an earlier thread here, where again I backed off because I realized the person I was arguing wasn’t against my ideas but toeing the party line because he was worried about his job and maintaining his family life. In other words it is not about the pursuit of truth, which science is all about but maintaining control and holding on for dear life at the social level.

The rise of atheism in science has happened because of the split between the latter and religion as rivals instead of co-partners in life, plus fear of death as opposed to the urge to give birth (Freud and Thanatos versus Eros/ The Victorians loathing of sex and public displays of affection/ Science and the seance room, during this era/ The Greek myths and Cronos eating his children (rivals), to ensure he continued to live and rule/ Patrick McGoohan’s TV series,‘The Prisoner’/ The Matrix/ Animal Farm and disenfranchisement, plus any dictatorships you can mention - blunt or subtle). To quote JFK ‘Those who make peaceful ®evolutions impossible, make violent ones inevitable’ and Castro ‘A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past’.

Am I out to complain about this situation? No, I’m out to explain it to you and understand it myself (The only thing we ever fight is our own ignorance - in other words, when we comprehend what is going on, we naturally let go and stop interfering with the mysterious process we see before us, because it finally makes sense to us (involvement and not knowing, go hand-in-hand)). I feel sorry for everyone caught up in this situation (which includes me) but being a follower of Zen I just accept that, that is just the way things are (Why get involved in power struggles that you cannot win but why lie about them either? I'm not into delusion: Delusion is the ego telling you can make a difference - experience is discovering you can't.

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Posted 25 March 2014 - 01:34 AM

You know what the beauty of the internet is....


I talking to someone I don't know, don't have to put on my acting cap...and can say as I please...


never has there been a time, where, the TV distributes, that which what was read... as a method to educate (to a degree)

and have us philosophising...BUT


can you build the computer we're talking on at this time?


--I hear you say no?


--BY a 3d printer

a lithograph

a shovel (to mine)

a centrifuge + other (to separate)


--and start an inhouse science / exploration routine


or, as a REAL SCIENTIST - don't do anything other than beg for money!


ie. be an Engineer --> they actually CAN do math.