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We Must Never Forget: Remembering the Holocaust

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#52 freeztar



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Posted 28 July 2009 - 03:28 PM

Back to topic, so what could have actually fueled the Holocaust

Actually, that's not the topic, look again. :doh:

#53 alexander


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Posted 28 July 2009 - 07:40 PM

Freezy, i know what the topic is, that's related to the topic, in order to remember and understand holocaust, we have to know the drive behind it; that is a part of the "how do we live with ourselves" part... Pondering a different angle here...

#54 freeztar



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Posted 29 July 2009 - 12:43 AM

Freezy, i know what the topic is, that's related to the topic, in order to remember and understand holocaust, we have to know the drive behind it

Well, there was this fascist dictatorship led by a Nazi dictator that convinced enough Germans that he was the cleansing force that would sterilize Germany and march on from there.
Of course there are some other details, but that's for another thread.

that is a part of the "how do we live with ourselves" part...

I live with myself just fine. :thumbs_up

I'm just lucky that I wasn't some poor child that was stuck in a gas chamber in {you name the death camp}, else I wouldn't be here. B)

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Posted 01 February 2010 - 02:47 AM

well... i have a funny time reading about if kriminal was a bad person or a good person :rolleyes:

Why was the holocausted causses? A good question, i would want to remark that it hasnt been the only massacre in the modern history, but some of you have done an excellent work in that.
the only new information i can contribuite (contribuir?) with, is my very personal subjective point of view of the holocaust and your comments (some of them are great!).

first, Guilty about being german (well, if you participate in the holocauste you should be, but if you not..)?, well maybe you should apologyse with me becuase you ar north american and americans invade my conuntry a lot of years ago... And the spanish sould apologyse too.. wait, i have spanish blood to, so i have to apologise with indians (the native americans of north and south america, no the ones of India). A, but i have libanesse blood, probably jewish and arabic.... so.. you understand what im tryng to say?. i doubt you are pure blood german, and the holocaust is not most terrible than other atrocities and man, is only just equal terrible.

its dificult to me to try to espress what i want to said (for the language xD). Most of you have a very personal conection with the world War II because your grandfathers and family, they saw (past of see?) and live the war and transmited that emotions to most of you, and i understand the concerned in that way. I get something form the kriminals comment that im agree. This of the holocaust and the nazis seems to be a taboo theme. for example i read that is a crime to denied or something like that the holocaust... that about the liberty of speech?, the dificult thing of be tolerant is really be tolerant, not only with those who we think they are only different, but those who we think the are just wrong, in other case is only a discimination to the inverse...
I think the holocaust think is not forgoteen, it has been exploted by the media a lot, other already say it, what about the ohter "holocausts"?.
In the masacre of tustsu and hutus nobody do anything, why?, were just the jewish more important? how nobody remember that? Why in the schools (at least in mexico, i don know in other american countries) they dont talk about the massacre the indians suffer with the pilgrims (i have always feel that the Thanksgiving day is a very cruel joke to the native americans), the spanish and the portuguesse (and french too).

I don know if i am missunderstanding all the point of this, but why is such an emphasis about the holocaust and the Nazis as if they were the representation of all that is bad. Nazis were people too, they suffer too... What im trying to say is that we could (generally, society) give it a HUMAN face to the holocaust and nazi thing to the side of the nazis, and maybe we could find the real human causes to the holocaust and pass this proto-answers of "Nazis were evil" or "because they were facists and not democratic". Try to see the things from the other point of view, the one we dislike... (personally it help me to throw away my prejuices about a lot of things, especifilly about americans)

#56 Kriminal99



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Posted 01 February 2010 - 07:21 AM

I agree. The nazis were not some evil force, they were human beings acting socially when someone had manipulated their local social norms to be something terrible. Those people were brainwashed with music and displays from the air force the way people are brainwashed into loving football with the very same tactics.

I remember watching an interview of a nazi soldier that became a pow and just settled in America afterwords. The way he talked about it, (like most other people I saw interviewed) he didn't see the war as anything more or less than like a national football game or something.

And the people responsible for creating the nazi perceptions of things were really just a few people who were bitter. I view the holocaust as something similar to Columbine just on a larger scale. IMO this is an important lesson for us... an early taste of what dangers we will face when and if Strong AI or perhaps other technologies are created.

With nuclear weapons, we had to cultivate an understanding of MAD to survive. There may come a point where we have to cultivate the idea that sharing your opinions with their opponents is the only way to have them respected, bitter behavior towards one another is considered petty by all, and bitterness itself considered to be an illusion. If not, what will happen when every single person has access to potential WMDs.

If this was already the norm before, I find it hard to believe that the holocaust could have ever happened... or as mentioned the similar holocausts that frequently happen in Africa.