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Time as a First and Fundamental Dimension...

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Posted 17 February 2019 - 05:01 PM

The universe is not three dimensional with time as a fourth.

The universe just is.


Dimensions and Time are only mans way of trying to locate where things are comparatively, and when that sun will rise again.


3D, 2D 1D and nD and spacetime are all concepts, they don't exist outside the mans thoughts.


To say that the ball falls to the floor occurs because of Time, is absurd.


To say that we can compare the falling balls progress to to other things progress, (because we have a wrist watch) is whats going on in reality.


We can also locate the place where the ball is, when the hands on our watch is also at a certain position, and describe that place in terms of how far from the table leg in this direction, that direction, and the other, is the sum of physics.


Everything else is just imagination.


Stop discussing time as if it were a real thing.