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"do you believe michael nostradamus predictions"

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#1 William Honey

William Honey


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Posted 26 September 2008 - 02:23 PM

Michael Nostradamus wrote out many predictions in the year 1556 A.D.

Many books have been written about his predictions. Many people feel
that Nostradamus was the greatest predictor of all time in that he did
predict Hitler and all that Hitler would do and it came true. He did write
out the name Pasteur and what Pasteur would do. How could he know
about Pasteur?

The book "The Man who saw tomorrow" tells all about Nostradamus and
includes one thousand of his predictions.

In Chapter two verse twenty eight he predicts a prophet that has not
appeared yet. This prophet is to deliver The Grand People.

In Chapter nine verse twelve he predicts a Sculptor and that the sculptor
will find images in the lake. He also predicts that this sculptor and all that
follow him will be soaked in gold.

I would welcome any post that could tell me more about Nostradamus.

#2 Pyrotex


    Slaying Bad Memes

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Posted 26 September 2008 - 03:29 PM

Nostradamus was not a prophet or predictor.
He was just a clever and cautious scandal monger.

I haven't tried to find the facts online, but I did read a scholarly piece of research some years ago (hardback), in which it was patently clear that Nostra was a member of the king's court in France. One of the "Louis"s, I think, maybe not, whatever.

There were upwards of a thousand people "in the court" (that is, living with the King in one of his extravagant mansions) at any given time. Many were land owning aristocrats. Others were royalty from other countries, generals, admirals, ambassadors, etc, or their immediate spouses, children, mistresses. The social, sexual and financial "games" going on in the back rooms and bedrooms was as extravagant as the mansions and the costumes.

Now, propriety demanded that one did not speak of these potentially scandalous goings-on in public, especially not in front of the King. Everyone worked hard to keep their little secrets, and save face, and jockey for position, and manipulate the naive, and pander to the powerful -- without being blatant or obvious. Like rats in the woodwork. And yet it was a powerful advantage to know what was going on and who was doing what.

Enter Nostra. He found a reliable income in selling a "scandal sheet" that revealed who was sleeping with whom, who was paying off whom, who was on the way up (or down), etc, etc. His trick was to encode the information in poetry, giving each member of the court a cutesy nickname and using metaphor and poetic allusion or historic allusion to describe the action.

In this manner, someone "in the know" (wink, wink) could read the latest scandal sheet and find out that the Duke of Wormwood had just bedded the King's niece, and her fiance was threatening to have the Duke killed.

But if a naive reader found it... well, it would look like arcane poetry or mumbo-jumbo. Even if the King found it, and realized his niece's morals (and taste in men) left something to be desired, he could always profess polite ignorance, relieving him of the social obligation to execute the Duke. And Nostra could always shrug and say, hey, it's just a silly poem about fuzzy bunnies burning down the Gate to the Garden of Eden--gimme a break.

In fact, Nostra's role as master gossip monger did become common knowledge, and he did spread rumors (to the naive) that the poems were really cryptic prophecies. A cover story which served him well, since he was a member of the royal court for a long, long time.

Then Louis XVI was beheaded, the monarchy and the court was gone, and the thread of knowledge about how to read the scandal sheets died with them. The cover story took on a life of its own. But scholastic research (the serious kind) has found enough evidence in the form of old letters and journals to make it clear that Nostra was no mystic prophet.

Tragically, the truth about Nostradamus is not nearly as exciting as the cover story he left behind.

#3 William Honey

William Honey


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Posted 27 September 2008 - 11:50 AM

Thank you for the information on Nostradamus that I was not aware of.

What he wrote about the king who would be killed with a lancers spear into his eye. After this happened people started to believe Nostradamus.
This of course could have been a co-incidence?

What he wrote about the monk that would become a pope, that became
a pope, this also could have been a co-incidence.

What he wrote in 1556 A.D. about air travel and fighting in the sky.
He wrote "Man will travel through the air, over land and sea" He described air travel and men who looked like pigs in the air. I guess this got people talking about him and that is how he became famous ??

I guess that the future will tell more about Nostradamus as time goes by and we can see if any of the future connects to what he wrote.

#4 Pyrotex


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Posted 30 September 2008 - 08:04 AM

...What he wrote about the monk that would become a pope...
...about air travel and fighting in the sky.
...the future will tell more about Nostradamus as time goes by...

Yes there were and will be many coincidences, but one should not be amazed. Monks are more likely to become pope than, say, a general or an artist. Mankind has always been fascinated by fantasies of flying. There are numerous stories of flying machines in ancient Arabic and Hebrew texts. Kings are (well, were) always being killed and empires always falling. And always will.

Nostradamus' writings are highly arcane, riddles clothed in poetry, gilded with multiple levels of allusion and cultural references. Any clever person can take ANY historical event (say...the Stock Market Crash of 2008) and find SOMETHING in Nostradamus that can be sorta, kinda interpreted to be a "prophecy".

Consider this little thought experiment: Find the Nostradamus prediction of the Stock Market Crash of 2006. It should be very easy--just as easy as finding the prophecy of the SMC/08. But there WAS NO SMC/06!! Nostradamus gave a false prophecy of an event that did NOT occur!! In fact, Nostradamus gives a false prophecy for EVERY NON-EVENT you can think of!! :( :) :hyper: B) :read:

#5 William Honey

William Honey


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Posted 30 September 2008 - 12:14 PM

Tues the 30th of Sept. , 08

Hello Pyrotex and thank you for your input.

Have you read all the books about him ???
Have you read the book "The Man who saw tomorrow" ??

We all have a right to our opinion. My opinion is based on many of Nostradamus forecast
that connect dead center with history in the last 450 years. My opinion is that the
male sculptor that he did forecast will come on the scene.

The road to real knowledge is an open mind.
My mind stays wide open ready for anything.
Not only do I not believe what I read or hear I investigate what I see to know that I am not being fooled.
My investigation of Nostradamus shows him to be a man that had an incredible ability to see things ahead.

I have read all the books written about him. I have also done research into many of his forecast of the future. In studying his forecast it allowed me to prove things that I only thought to be true. His forecast aligned with the research I had done to prove very important things to me.

This is Nostradamus forecast about The Coming Male Sculptor.

Chapter nine verse twelve from his book "The Centuries" which contain most of his
quatrains (Verses of forecast). The book "The Man who saw tomorrow" interprets his
verses in "The Centuries" and connects his forecast with history.

Forecast: "The Centuries" Chapter nine verse twelve.
The great amount of silver of Diana and Mercury.
The images will be found in the lake.
The sculptor looking for new clay.
Both he and his followers will be soaked in gold.

Throughout his book "The Centuries" many forecast are about this male sculptor. Because he wrote a forecast that stated "This sculptor would become so wonderful that no man would ever walk the earth again like this man". I have not been able to pinpoint this man now or in history. This could be a man like Billy Graham except far superior to him, in that he will know things that no man knows but him.

These are my opinions as I search for this coming male sculptor and it would also be nice to be soaked in gold....lol real gold, I can get by with the knowledge I already have.

#6 Pyrotex


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Posted 30 September 2008 - 01:49 PM

...Hello Pyrotex and thank you for your input.
You seem to be closed minded about Nostradamus ??
Have you read all the books about him ???
Have you read the book "The Man who saw tomorrow" ??...

Yes, I saw "The Man who Saw Tomorrow".
Yes, I've seen TV "documentaries".
AND, I've also seen the serious academic research I mentioned before.
So, I've got lots of info on Nostradamus, pro and con.

And because I decide that the evidence against him is stronger than the evidence for him ---
YOU decide that >>I<< am CLOSE MINDED??? :) B) :( :hyper:

How could I have been more fair?? I evaluated the evidence on both sides, and I made an informed, rational choice.

If THAT is being "close minded" to you, then I hereby terminate my conversation with you.

#7 William Honey

William Honey


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Posted 30 September 2008 - 02:27 PM

Hello Pyrotex, read it again......Did you overlook the word seem ??

You seem to be does not mean that you are, it just means that you seem to be.

Two of my proverbs that keep me out of trouble are.....

A silent mouth gathers no trouble.......therefore I will remain silent.

Alcohol abuse, Illegal drugs and Anger will cost more than we will want to pay.....
therefore I never do any anger, I walk away and keep a silent mouth.

#8 pamela



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Posted 30 September 2008 - 05:07 PM

I find it hard to believe that you subscribe to those proverbs. You have been extremely verbal as well as proselytizing on almost every thread that you have posted on. We will always find what we choose to see, whether in tea leaves, books or even a doctors diagnosis. Facts form our reality, not theories. Prove yours. As far as Nostradamus is concerned,he may as well be a "prophet" of doom. Who needs it! Want a Prophet? Take a look at what Da Vinci put down on paper.But truth of the matter is,he was not a prophet, he just simply opened his mind to science.
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#9 William Honey

William Honey


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Posted 01 October 2008 - 11:45 AM

Hello Pryotex, I am a big enough man to correct what I wrote, even though I did use
the phrase "seem to be". I have removed the statement about your views and hope
that this will be satisfactory and that we can remain friends.

I read the book "How I raised myself from failure to success" by Frank Betcher a major
league baseball player. In his book he stated that part of his success was a proverb
that he learned.

Proverb: Speak ill of no man, speak all the good you know about everybody.

I will remember to use this proverb in the future and not speak of any mans


#10 Pyrotex


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Posted 02 October 2008 - 12:35 PM

Hello Pryotex, ...William

Hi William.
Thanks for being so open-minded.