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Human Stupidity

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#1 Megatron



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Posted 21 August 2007 - 11:04 AM

One of the things that I have been wondering is what drives a person to do completely stupid things or act/behave in seemingly very unintelligent ways and actions?

For one, you take a look at scams that are out in abundance. I've read that scams typically rack in millions upon millions of dollars. Of course, the scams that I'm talking about are the "OMG if you eat this, you'll get thinner" or "You are the 999,999,999th visitor", not the more intelligent and subtle scams. And then there are people who delude themselves with the occult or astrology, or some other thing, despite evidence to the contrary.

The one thing that annoys me most is the so called "mob mentality". You see this a lot in politics, when politicians use words that appeal to the masses and make ambiguous statements and, well what do you know, they buy right into it and end up getting screwed over. Even worse is that this happens consistently. Most people don't think about what was said. Just look at the warrant-less wiretapping bill they just passed in congress recently. Iraq was also another example, when at first the masses were rooting and then all of the sudden they realized that it was a bad idea.

Of course, I'm not entirely innocent, I've done my share of stupid things even though I knew better. What makes the human mind so vulnerable to this?

#2 Queso



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Posted 21 August 2007 - 12:58 PM

I don't even know.
sometimes they do it for attention, or for money...
america is easily manipulatable,
especially on the subliminal level of things.

#3 Tarantism


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Posted 21 August 2007 - 01:06 PM

i wouldn't be so quick to place yourselves above other people and judge them if i were you...

#4 New-ideas



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Posted 21 August 2007 - 01:59 PM

Different people are susceptible to different things, so it wouldn't be stupid, for example, to say that people interpret views and statements in different ways. So while 99% might say somethings stupid, the other 1% might say its brillant!

#5 Pyrotex


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Posted 21 August 2007 - 02:02 PM


I think Orby may have a point. I am not fond of the American Culture that surrounds me. The hucksters know that 90% of the pop are suckers for anything that makes them (feel) thinner, sexier, richer, better, smarter without all that tedious adult behavior and hard work that is normally required. The vast majority of our pop KNOW about the hucksters, but keep prodding each other to "try again" in the hope that THIS time, it's for real.

#6 Turtle



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Posted 21 August 2007 - 02:08 PM

stupid is as stupid does. no exceptions. :turtle: