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Science Forums Rules

Welcome to Hypography Science Forums! Our forum is focused on discussing a wide variety of science and technology topics, and also incorporating other topics of interest to our community. We concentrate on “soft sciences” and “popular” technology and complement our sister site, PhysicsForums.com, and while we insist that discussions be based on facts, we are not as academically rigorous as some more technical sites and we emphasize discussions that enable our members to learn about things about which they are not experts.

As this is a privately run site, it is subject to rules of decorum that is decided upon by the staff. We insist that members who participate do so with the understanding that they are guests here and that behavior that is deemed in appropriate will not be tolerated. The staff reserves the right to remove any content or restrict membership without explanation in order to maintain a site that we like to say is “safe for women and children.”

We also insist that content posted here be based on facts. While science is all about discovery and challenging the conventional wisdom, there is a gray line between legitimate inquiry and “conspiracy theories.” We purposely have no hard and fast rules concerning what topics fall into the latter categories, but we reserve the right to remove content that we deem “unscientific” or “not fact based.”

Here are some guidelines on how to participate here:
  • Introduce yourself. We require that all new members make their first post in the Introduction forum. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in science.
  • Back up your claims by using links or references: that’s where our name Hypography comes from.
  • Being calm, reasoned and factual is the best way to refute someone's claims. Point out specifically where you think they went wrong, and what kind of proof you base your own opinion on.
  • Respect the opinions of others, especially when you ask for opinions or espouse personal opinions yourself. As a corollary, we respect people’s right to make fools of themselves in public and when people express unsupported or controversial opinions they should not be surprised when they are refuted.
  • Avoid cross-posting. While it may be difficult to decide which forum is appropriate for your topic do not post the same or similar topic in multiple threads. It's OK to reply in existing threads with a post containing, "I discuss a related, but different, idea in *this thread*", and provide a link, but it should be in the context of the thread in which you are posting. Ask the staff if you have questions. The staff will merge or delete discussions that do not obey this rule as it sees fit.
  • Do not post links to other sites without commenting on what the relevant sites say and why they are important to the current discussion.
  • Spam Links that are self-promotional or advertising will be removed. We are happy to sell you advertising space, but we will immediately remove any material that we decide is self-promotional, even if it is not for profit. We also reserve the right to make exceptions to this rule and be inconsistent in the offering of such exceptions.
  • Do not assume your points are “obvious.” They many times are not, and simply insisting they are is not a valid argument.
  • DO NOT WRITE POSTS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This is the same as shouting and is considered rude.
  • Respond to requests by the staff. If a member of the staff requests that you respond either in a forum or in a private message, you are required to respond or you may be banned.
  • Promotion of illegal activities—drugs, weapons, sexual assault, etc.—will be swiftly removed. This is distinguished from clinical discussion of the social problems associated with such activities. The staff is the sole arbiter on this topic and in many cases no warnings will be issued.
  • Rude and offensive behavior will not tolerated. The staff reserves the right to decide what behavior is deemed offensive, and this rule applies to all areas of the site including private messages.
  • Intellectual Property: We are required to follow various intellectual property laws and we reserve the right to delete anything we identify as an infringement of copyrights, trademarks or other registered intellectual property. We may do this even if it is not based on a request by the intellectual property rights holder.
User Bans: Users may be banned for infringing the rules above, or for behavior that is inconsistent with our goals on this forum, including but not limited to:
  • Posting incoherently
  • Posting repeatedly debunked theories or hoaxes
  • Annoying our members
  • Trolling or generally being rude without contributing positively
Bans may be either temporary or permanent. A temporary ban will usually last for a week, after which it will automatically be lifted. A permanent ban is - well, permanent. Please follow our site rules - we really don't like to ban people.

Privacy policy The information you provide when you register will not be resold, unless our entire forums are sold to a new owner. We will not offer mailing lists or release member information to advertisers.

Note: We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.

Have fun!
Most of all, these forums are here for people to meet, discuss, and learn. But we also want you to have fun. So rule number zero is: smile and be happy. Most likely people will smile and be happy back.

Happy Posting,
The Hypography Science Forums Staff