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    I don't have a clue on this one, but he kind of looks like a Highlander.
    OOhhhh... You're closer than you know.
    A good hint would be that this was the only episode out of more than 100 that had a puppet. The main character is usually humi... uh... flesh and blood.
    Hhmm!....... Thinking thinking ........? ? ? ? ?
    I think I've got it, :)
    Angel the Puppet:
    Smile Time, which sees Angel transformed into a puppet - the results of which really have to be seen to be believed.

    This was a hard one, was searching for days to get it.
    (Hope I'm right 97% sure) :)
    You've got it.

    Funniest episode ever. Good series too. I'm surprised you got that if you never saw the episode. I'd rep ya again if I could.

    And another clue this brings up... There is one point of separation between this show and the picture of the spaceship that hasn't been guessed yet. The connection isn't an actor (although there was an actor that had a minor role on both shows) :)