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Why Students Cheat

Posted by SamuelLamp, 05 March 2019 · 39 views

If you have been to any institution of learning of late, either as a tutor or a student, you are well aware of the cheating habit in campuses. You might even have been a culprit yourself. So many students in the university use illicit methods to pass tests and examinations.
Cheating is one of the major reasons why a college education is lacking meaning in the outside world. Employers are now looking at work experience to hire staff. They have less regard for grades since they are unsure of how they were attained.
So, here comes the big question; why do students cheat?

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Some of the Reasons Why Scholars Use Illegitimate Methods to Pass Examinations

1. Dealing with the High Competition
For the college student, employing an excellent writer to write papers and cheating here and there, is enough to land them where they want to be; at the top. No one wants to remain at the bottom when the rest is up there shining like stars as they get awarded for the excellent performances.
Because of wanting to keep up with the competition, individuals opt to device illegal winning methods. Even though it is impossible for all of us to be bright and perfect, society expects every college kid to bring good results home. That leaves the average student with no other choice but to steal.

2. Too much Work
It is not unusual to find a student going through a thesis editing service review trying to establish if the platform can offer the best thesis writing service. With term papers, group works, projects, and co-curricular activities, preparing adequately for exams becomes a challenge. You even have to seek essay writing services online.
In college, you have several units, for which you have to do several assignments and projects. The tests also never end. With this education system, students feel overwhelmed. Testing students regularly help them to remember what they have been taught in class.
However, too much work will make them feel overburdened. Delivering assignments and projects on time means that you will be dedicating a lot of time to school work. The little time left is not enough to prepare for tests adequately.

3. Ambition

Most people attribute cheating to laziness. They think that scholars only cheat because they are too lazy to read their notes before the test. However, that is not the case. Students do not look for other cheap means of passing exams because of laziness. They do so because they have high aspirations for their future.
Today, it is almost impossible to attain a bright future with poor grades. The world is currently demanding for professionals with a good education background. Employers will be reluctant to hire you if the knowledge you possess is the one given at the primary level. They need college graduates to fill the vacant positions at the workplace.
Knowing that employers aren’t looking to hire high school dropouts or people without some good education, students opt to use any means necessary to achieve good scores. Even after studying very hard, it is almost impossible to perform exemplary in every subject. With the set standards, one poor score will ruin your performance despite doing exceptionally well in other areas.

4. They Are Not Afraid To Pay the Price
Instead of just looking at an essay example and writing a paper that follows a similar format, the student of today will opt to copy paste everything. They will be very confident when submitting the paper to the tutor without being afraid of the punishment if they are discovered.
Despite the school rules being very strict, no one pays much attention. Even after being caught for the first time, a student will still continue to cheat. The warnings and threats don’t do any good. In fact, suspending a kid from school will make them a star on the campus. You will be creating a people’s hero as you become the villain in the story.

5. Failure to Comprehend Lectures
Lectures expect so much from students. The lecture for almost three hours continuously and expect the scholar to pay attention throughout the period. They then surprise them with cats which they have not prepared for at the end of the sessions. That is just insane.
With such tutoring methods, cheating is almost inevitable. You do not expect a student to listen to what you have been saying for the last three hours and then give them a cat. Even if they study all the time, there is no way they can pass that test.

6. Everyone is doing it
Peer pressure at times can be a powerful force. There is no way you can struggle all night trying to cram while your neighbor is sleeping comfortably knowing that they have it all worked out. You will eventually opt to go with the current.
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So, cheating has become a common habit in most institutions. No matter how strict the rules are, students still proceed to use more comfortable means to pass exams. There have been several efforts to curb this trend, but most methods have proved to be futile.
Even if you bring in the SWAT squad in the examination room, some students will still attempt to cheat. Such desperation makes me think that the problem might lie with the system and not the learner. Maybe a change in the education system is what we need.

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