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How To Write With A British Accent

Posted by AlfredMcNutt, 20 February 2019 · 107 views

Very often people want not just to learn English, but also to speak with a wonderful accent that would not give their Eastern European origin abroad. Of course, the indigenous inhabitant of the Misty Albion will be quite difficult, but to seem a British tourist in any foreign country you will not do a lot of work.
To begin with, you must report that the number of common British accents is calculated by dozens. Who of those studying English does not dare to come to the UK and speak there like a real Englishman? But that is not the only thing, when you study in England, you also want to write like a real Englishman. So, how to learn using a British accent while writing an essay or another written assignment?

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Difference in writing
Students, who have been learning English for some time is aware of the fact that American and British English differ, but what are the main features? The American version of spelling tends to simplify. Americans are more economical and phonetic spelling. Unspeakable letters are skipped, and words are written closer to their sound. The most obvious example is the lack of a letter u in American words such as color, neighbor, honor, etc. Compare also words traveling, jewelry and program with their British equivalents - travel, jewelery, and programs.
However, this rule does not always work. You might think that skilful is written in America, and skillful in Britain, but in fact, everything is the opposite! Grammar in American English, basically, only simple times are used: Present, Past, Future Simple. The perfect time is almost not used, as well as many other time-forms of English. That is, in this case, the main motto of American English - be easier. It is worth noting that grammar is an element of the language system that is least exposed to all kinds of changes. But even it has been somewhat modified and simplified in the process of creating the American version of English. There are interesting variations, for example, in some forms of verbs. In the AE (American English), the last time the verb fit-fit; in British English - fitted. Americans say I've gotten to know her well; Britons - I've got to know her well.
In British English, Present Perfect is often used where the American English, would have been faster to use Past Simple. For example, if you just or already use the words, the Britons are more likely to say I've just seen him or I've already done it, and Americans - I just saw him, or I already did it. Another example - the Americans much more often agree on the combined nouns with the verb.

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Play vocabulary aloud
Of course, it is important to learn to write with a British accent if you gain an education in the UK, you can surf on internet and find appropriate writing service for you Edu Birdie in the UK, in order to master your skills. But not less important is to speak like an indigenous British person. Repeat the words for the BBC speakers, phrases for the movie heroes, read aloud. Sing songs from British groups (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Ed Sheeran, Adele). Do not be afraid to imitate the speakers of the correct pronunciation. When learning new words, do not be lazy to find their British transcriptions and learn with the correct pronunciation.
Another effective way to get rid of your accent is the "A Box of Biscuits, A Box of Mixed Biscuits, and a Biscuit Mixer". Listen to how they read native speakers and repeat. First, slowly, then faster and faster.
Sometimes it is hard to find the time, especially when you are a student, but during the day you can spend time watching the British TV series, music, radio. The main thing is to make an effort. It will definitely be rewarded.

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