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Why Cardio Can Negatively Affect Women's Fat Loss

Posted by NormaJackson, 24 January 2019 · 50 views

Imagine yourself in hot pink leggings huffing out while your eyes are trained on the poster of a slim long legged blonde. This is the usual scenario that pops up when we wish to lose fat fast. A very uncanny feeling creeps into us when we get into a room and feel that we do not belong because of our shape and size. So, we rush out, find a gym and start the plan for that dream body. Cardio training is a common option for a workout plan especially for women who want to avoid the bulky appearance after an exercise regimen. But, wait. Why does the cardio training seem futile? The fat doesn’t seem to go away!
When we find that our cardio plan seems to fail us, there is a need to recoup our efforts and go over it once more. Why would a well thought out plan sabotage your weight loss goals? Here are some signs why they do.
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First, check out how you execute your cardio training plan. Chances are you’re overdoing it. Almost always too much of anything turns out bad, even if we’re talking about something good, like exercises. Instead of losing weight you gain more by overdoing it. When you engage in this type of workouts that are too long or too frequent, you are actually breaking down your lean muscle mass that is necessary for boosting metabolism. Some fitness professionals say that a cardio session should not exceed 70 minutes at a time.
A lot of women out there are in a hurry to lose weight. This is another sign why you fail in your weight loss plan. You are doing just cardio. Neglecting weight training is not a dynamic way to lose the pounds. It could even risk your heart when your workout is not well planned.
With the intense need to lose weight, some women tend to combine cardio and eat less. And this is not the right diet to follow. It could even lead to unwanted complications. The fitness experts say that in order to build or maintain muscle, you need to eat enough food. And by starving, you won’t achieve that!
Eating less and doing too much cardio may be bad. Health and fitness experts mention that cardiovascular and strength trainings are definitely important, but only if you eat properly and pursue other healthy habits.
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These are just signs why our cardio seems to sabotage our efforts at weight loss.
In fact, cardio can affect women’s fat loss goals negatively. The calories that were expected to have burned down go back to the maintenance levels. This happens when some people feel they are undereating and eat back to compensate.
Another negative effect of cardio on women is that it makes them hungry contrary to the notion that exercise suppresses appetite. The notion apparently applies only to men. When women run more, they eat more, then train harder, and gets more fatigued, but sees fewer results.
One more negative effect of cardio is that it is addictive to the point that it leads to detrimental effects on health. While we aspire for that ideal weight, we should consciously take note of the ill effects it brings.

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