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Activities To Keep Students Occupied During Study Hall

Posted by johnwhitfield1712, 15 January 2019 · 39 views

During school hours, some class periods may be study halls provided for students to work on their homework at school, instead of taking it all home to finish in the evening. Study hall periods can be very helpful for the students if they have enough homework to keep them busy for the whole period. But what if they do not have homework, or they finish their homework early? A teacher knows almost better than anyone else that idle students mean probable trouble and chaos. Having additional activities available for bored students can help to avert this trouble.

Free Printable Activities Online

One of the best and cheapest places for a teacher to find filler activities for students is the internet. There are many websites, like EssayHelpWriter that provide free printable activity sheets. A couple of the websites are:
  • Dover Publications: While this educational treasure-trove is a website for purchasing books, activity and otherwise, anyone can sign-up for its free weekly e-mail. The email contains a link to several free sample pages from their books. These pages can be downloaded and saved to a computer or hard drive. After saving them, the teacher can print the pages out for use at the most convenient time.
  • Print Activities: This website provides teachers with numerous free printable worksheets for students of all ages. From word searches to word puzzles, from mazes to coloring pages, this site has an abundance of options for the teacher looking for a variety of activities for a variety of ages.
These two websites are only the beginning of literally dozens of websites that could be useful to teacher looking for free printables. A Google search would uncover many more useful websites.

Using the Library to Find Activities

Every teacher should have a library card. The library, whether it is the public library or the school library, has a wealth of possibilities for the classroom. Each library, of course, will be different, but many libraries have similar resources. Some books to look for in the library could be:
  • Interesting historical or scientific books on the students' level that they would not only enjoy looking through, but would also learn from.
  • Hands-on activity books with projects that require minimal supplies. For example, the teacher could check out a book about origami and could provide square pieces of paper for the students to experiment and practice with.
  • Well-written, age-appropriate novels that could be read easily in small sections. A student may only have ten to fifteen extra minutes at the end of study hall, and since the books are library books checked out in the teacher's name, it would be unwise to let the student bring the books home.
Of course the teacher can suggest to the students that they bring extra activities or books to work on in study hall, but most likely they will often forget or choose not to. What the teacher requires in study hall is an individual decision, but there are many available resources to draw from if students become bored. Keeping students active and their minds stimulated will improve not only the atmosphere of the study hall, but also the overall education of the students.

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