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Gravel Bikes Buyer’S Guide Best Bikes For Your Adventures In 2019

Posted by FrankeParker203, 26 December 2018 · 178 views

Want to be able to ride smoothly on any road? Then you require a gravel bike. Recently these vehicles were so popular that they swiftly took place in the product line of most firms.
What are gravel bikes? These cycles are designed for long-term comfortable rides, equipped with disc brakes and tires with high ground clearance. Because of their design, these wheels are excellent for riding, both on roads and trails sheeted with mud or gravel.
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What to notice when buying a gravel bike?
To begin with, remember that gravel cycles are not just renamed models. They have a long wheelbase, so they consistently behave on roads and unpredictable surfaces, such as gravel. Their geometry is a bit more relaxed compared to racing bikes. The head tube of the frame is usually thicker. The carriage is located lower than in most models.
All such bikes are equipped with disc brakes. These details, especially their hydraulic versions, are distinguished by high power, which allows more confident off-road driving, and is useful in other conditions.
On gravel bikes, there is space for large tires, but their max size depends on the manufacturer. Reinforced road cycles, as a rule, do not rise above 32 mm, but gravel road models raise the clearance to 55 mm. The choice of tires depends on how often and on what particular area you intend to drive. Nothing pauses you from buying 25mm or 28mm tires if you want to drive fast on roads. Or you can use 35 mm tires with a tread if a part of your routes passes along dirt and gravel paths.
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Best bikes for your adventures in 2019

1.Giant Revolt

Price: from $990
Giant describes Revolt as a bike that can handle “roads, gravel, and dirt.” It has an aluminum frame on which you can mount tires up to 50 mm. Revolt is equipped with a wide and ergonomic steering column and special housing for cables. There is even a splash guard in its bottom tube that protects your face from dirt and water.

2. Genesis Croix de Fer & CdA

Price: from $1135
We can say that the British brand Genesis has been releasing adventure road bikes long before they became popular. Recent changes in the Croix de Fer model, inclusive lower carriage and an increase in the thickness of the head tube, further alienate this bike from its cyclo-cross roots and bring it closer to adventure models.
But can any adventure be compared with a world tour? Vin Cox made one in 2010, riding a Croix de Fer and set up a new record in the process. The bikes of this line have steel frames, disc brakes, external cables, as well as attachments for racks and mudguards.

3. Raleigh Mustang Elite

Price: from $1350
One of the bikes that we were impatient to experience this year was the Mustang Elite, which is part of the extended line of gravel Raleigh models for 2016. This bike is an excellent example of a model in this growing category.
This model is equipped with an intriguing Rival 1X transmission from SRAM with a wide 11-speed cassette 10-42 and a single 44-toothed star. Such a very simple gearshift system is just what a multi-purpose bike needs.

Jason Smith
Feb 05 2019 05:29 AM

When I worked as a freelance writer and learned all the delights of student life, I saved enough money to buy Genesis Croix de Fer & CdA, after buying this bike, I was just amazed at its convenience. I thought it would be great to go on a long trip on this bike. After I decided to do this, I began to save the necessary amount for the trip. For 3 months, I rode this bike more than 2500 kilometers, and visited more than 7 countries in Europe. In my opinion, this is one of the best bikes for long-distance travel bikes.

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