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How Can A Topic Web Help You Write A Problem And Solution Essay?

Posted by brianharris, 19 December 2018 · 156 views

If you Google the term topic web, you will find that it is a type of visual organizer which represents your concepts and perceptions about certain questions. Topic web will be of great help when you write a problem and solution essay. If you are struggling to design idea about your essay, writing topic web can be useful for you. It is a helpful road map to develop your ideas.
Using a topic web you can list down your problems. You can have different types of problems. Various problems will have different types of solutions. For ex: you can give ‘Problem statement’ as the main keyword in the middle of the page and that can be inserted in a circle. From that main keyword you can have no. of arrows pointing to various; different kinds of problems; all within circles. If you can have a pictorial presentation of your problems than finding a solution will be much easier.
This topic web will help you to analyze your problems separately and accurately and help you in identifying their solutions. In a problem-solution-essay, main task of yours is to point down the problems, group your problems properly because you may come across similar problems which may have same solution. Categorization of problems is necessary otherwise you will be unnecessarily break your head for same type of problems having one solution.
When writing an essay on certain topics which can throw up and try to analyze several different problems and solutions, using a web topic to provide clear pictorial depiction would be a good idea. You will receive a great number of such assignments, so if you need you can get the details on what these assignments entail and how we can help. Also, while writing a cause and effect essay or argumentative essay, this type of approach could be helpful. One cause could throw up several other problems arising from different issues under a bigger umbrella issue. This will not only help in understanding the issues better as how the problems in one area could be the cause of problem in other area, but, help in resolving them more effectively.
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The whole purpose of drawing this type of pictorial view is to analyze the problem statement better and connect the possible related topics in a more meaningful manner. Let’s understand why is this called “web”? It is because the pictorial depiction looks like a spider web. But, certainly not a real spider web and we do not want you to get caught in a web of doubt and confusion as well!
At the end, the topic web will be of great help while writing an essay on a difficult topic. If you are short of words or, do not really know how to explain the complicated problems in words try using this option. Certainly, will be easier for you to explain and easier for your readers to understand. The purpose of your essay could be solved very easily while you might get some more brownie points for explaining the points so nicely. After all, who doesn’t want to get some appreciation for a nicely done job! As an example, let’s see how a topic web would look like.

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