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Why Care About School?

Posted by BillyOchriman, 25 February 2019 · 70 views

It may seem like there isn't much point in worrying about your grades now. After all, you have a long time until your grades will actually start to matter, right? WRONG. Your life on paper began the day high school started. There are some serious benefits out there for you if you put in the hard work and dedication it takes to get good grades. You can even reap the benefits while you're still in high school!
So just what are these benefits?

Here are a few …

1. Earn Yourself Some Scholarships
You will not only be accepted to college, but you can possibly go to college FOR FREE on a scholarship if your grades are good enough. And even if you don't go for free, you could go at a less expensive rate.

2. Get Yourself Prepared For College
Getting good grades during high school will prepare you enough for college that it might be a little easier for you once you get there. You will be academically ready to handle challenging college courses.

3. Put Yourself Ahead of the Game
You could even get what's called Advanced Placement credits. This means you won't have to take as many classes as all the other students, and it's possible that you will have enough credit to walk onto campus for the first time as a sophomore. How's that for a reward?

4. Cheaper Car Insurance Rates
When you turn sixteen, one of the first things on your mind will probably be getting your driver's license. Along with getting a license, the law says that you have to get car insurance --and in case you didn't know, insurance costs some serious money. But here's the good news--getting good grades gets you cheaper car insurance rates, which will save you or your parents some money.

5. Better Part-Time Job
Getting good grades can also help you get a better part-time job while you're still in high school. If employers know that you're a good student, they know that you have a lot to offer their company. I once helped my teacher-writer to write research papers in the service Samedaypapers.com. Doing this in high school student in Ohio is making $26.50 per hour doing computer programming and is having a lot more fun than if he were flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant or ringing up canned vegetables at a grocery store.

6. Happier Parents and a Happier You
If you get good grades you will probably make your parents happy - maybe even ecstatic! If they know you are responsible enough to care about your grades, then they might think you are responsible enough to handle other things that you want to do, like going out with friends more often or staying out later. And, you can be happier, too, because you'll never have to listen to them lecture you about "not living up to your potential."

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