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What Motivates International Students To Stay In Uk After Graduation?

Posted by ArchieDDent, 10 December 2018 · 119 views

Do you know how many students come to the UK for higher studies every year? According to the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) report of 2016-2017, the total number of international students is pretty amazing as around 707,915 students visit the UK every year for completing under graduation and graduation.
As a result, the UK has become the second most popular study destinations worldwide. Beside quality education, there are some other factors which are responsible for the high migration rate of students. On the hand, most of the students face problems to complete their dissertation at the time of their graduation as writing dissertation is not easy work. That’s why uk dissertation writing services provide professional help to write a dissertation in such a way that attracts readers.
In today’s article, we are going to discover what are the key factors that motivate students to go in the UK and the topmost reasons to stay in the UK after completing their graduation.
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Reasons to Stay in the UK After Graduation
There are various reasons why students go to the UK. Most of the students go to complete their higher study. But after completing their graduation, some of them want to stay in the UK. Some key factors motivate them to stay in the UK after completing their graduation. Such as:

  • You can study anything you like: The UK has various kinds of educational institutions, and they offer various types to subjects. In the UK you will find almost all types of courses. That’s why those who want to study more they feel to stay in the UK after completing their graduation to quench their thirst of knowledge.

  • To increase the skills: In today’s world economy if you want a job, then there is hardly any alternative to having specific skills and qualifications. Moreover, employers want employees to have the ability of critical and creative thinking and good command over the English language- now tell me what can be a better way to learn English than to learn it from the English. That’s why students want to stay as they think they can skill up their abilities and can prepare them for the challenging world.

  • Work opportunities: The UK is one of the most developed countries in the world. Currently, in the job sector, the UK is suffering from the shortage of skilled persons. That’s why if you are skilled enough, then you should try to stay in the UK. Although the competition in the job market is tougher than ever before. To survive in this job sector, there is hardly any alternative to achieving top-notch skills.
The UK is one of those countries which has opportunities to work for students. Some students work in a coffee shop or restaurants as a part-time job. On the other hand, some others write an essay and prove writing service on websites. By doing this, they earn a handsome amount to complete their education.

  • Better living: This is the core reason which motivates students to stay in the UK after complete their study. In the UK you will feel very safe as the crime rate in the UK is very low. Moreover, in the UK you will find the world’s finest doctors for treatments. On the other hand, you don’t even need to worry about your children’s education as the British education system has a global reputation. That’s why most of the students think that it is better to stay in the UK after completing their graduation.

  • Research facilities: After completing study students want to research more. But unfortunately, there are only a few countries which have that facility to research. That’s why those who want to research more they want to stay in the UK after completing their graduation.

  • Weather and environment: The weather of UK is usually moderate. In summer it is not that much hot, and in winter it is comparatively warmer than other neighbouring countries. On the other hand, there are many green areas, beautiful parks and gardens in the UK. According to the 2016-2017 statistics of England, around 13% of land area is green. That’s why people find the UK healthier than any other country to live.

  • Language advantage: This is another reason why international students find interesting to stay in the UK after their graduation. English is the global language, and it is spoken in England. As a result, they don’t have to face any problem while communicating. But there are few other countries they also provide similar facilities except the freedom of communicating in English. That’s why most students choose the UK over other countries to stay after completing their graduation.
Last but not least, we would like to say that the UK is one of the most vibrant multicultural countries in the world. Nowadays the UK is offering a lot more skilled job. Moreover, UK has a reputation for its education system, safety and weather. Considering all these students feel that they should stay in the UK after completing their graduation.
If you have any suggestion regarding this topic feel free to let us know it in the comment section. If you find it interesting, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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