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Healthcare Ethics

Posted by vanessahudson, 23 November 2018 · 144 views

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Malpractice suits can be reduced by doctors providing due care in administering treatment. If a doctor administers wrong medication that causes death or injury of a patient, another party may file a suit on the patient’s behalf (Pozgar, 2012). To avoid malpractice suits, doctors treat their patients courteously to earn their trust. Moreover, they maintain clear and effective communication to ensure patients understand their diagnosis and medical plans. What is more, they take time to review past health records before prescribing any new treatment. Furthermore, they keep a record of the diagnosis and prescription that they have offered.

These practices promote upholding professional care and reduce chances of negligence that could result in a lawsuit (Pozgar, 2012). One can learn about malpractices from the State’s Board of Medical Licensure, physician’s online profile or records from previously paid physician malpractices.

Doctors prescribe, pharmacists provide and nurses administer medication. These three physicians are liable for any error that occurs in this process that can be traced back to them. Health providers are concerned with this process because each party relies on the other party’s professional care for the treatment to be completed successfully. Medication errors cause injury or death to a patient. When being filed a lawsuit, the health provider has to pay a fine or he/she can undergo withdrawal of medical license.

Errors that doctors make when giving patients a prescription include failure to warn the patient of the drugs’ side effects, giving the wrong medicine or wrong dosage. For instance, nurses make mistakes such as wrong drug timing or dosage in intravenous drips. In the documentary Chasing Zero, Mayo Clinic urges health care providers to invest in patients’ safety. Thus, the interests of patients should be prioritized at all times by disclosing the entire information that concerns their treatment. Patients should be afforded the chance to make choices that are grounded on information which can be provided by medical personnel. Therefore, ethical requirements and principles should uninterruptedly guide medical practice.
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