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Effective Ways To Write The Perfect Speech

Posted by DavidQMaple, 21 November 2018 · 179 views

A speech, for some, seems easy, and can be performed off-the-cuff. The right words seem to roll right off their tongues. How would you like to be able to be able to have command of the moment, appreciated by people, because you know exactly the right words to tell them. You, too, could be in demand to speak at special occasion such as weddings, and to be master of ceremonies at events.

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The fact is you could be an effective and in-demand speaker. It only requires practice and, of course, knowing how to write a perfect speech for the perfect occasion.
  • First and primarily, it must be prepared from the heart. It can be rewarding to take heartfelt notions and turn them into something that affects other people in a positive way. I always keep in mind that no one can write a speech for me as I can because no one knows me better than I know. Try to visualize what it is that you want to convey and then describe it as though you were painting a picture. The picture you describe should conform to your own vision. The passion inside will come through and you will catch their attention. It does not matter how long or short your speech is. Remember Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was only a few minutes long. Just make sure you make your point.
  • Know your subject and know your audience. If you do not already have a thorough grasp of your subject matter, it is time to study it. If it is a topic you can read about, go to the library. If it is a person study him on the internet. If you can, talk to him or her personally. Find out as much as you reasonably can. Of course, your audience will generally want plenty of detail, but there is a limit. Your audience will have an orientation, be it a friend of the person under discussion or trying to learn about the subject of your presentation. The level of expertise of the audience also plays a huge factor. You do not want to explain elementary things to doctors or delve into philosophy with young children.
  • Know the occasion. There is no speech that is suitable for every occasion. You will have to tailor your words to the moment. If it is a formal occasion, then your speech should be formal, too. Speak wisely, and speak carefully.
You have watched great speakers. They made it look easy, but years of practice and preparation are behind that seeming ease. To be a great speaker takes time and effort. Don’t think, just because you can be glib in a conversation, that you can speak without preparation. You don’t want to create a disaster nobody wants. Remember, speak from the heart, know your subject, know your audience, write your speech for the occasion.

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