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How British Students Spend Leisure In 2019

Posted by DavidPStull, 23 January 2019 · 65 views

Everyone wants to have some time to do things unrelated to academics. After a long, gruelling semester full of hard subjects and grouchy teachers, many students look forward to spending their time on something else. It’s peculiar to note that while all students worldwide have some activities common to them all, there are some countries where leisure times are spent in very interesting ways.

For UK students, leisure times come mostly during long vacations and are a time for them to rejuvenate and refresh themselves in preparation for the coming semester or trimester. And of course, the coming semester promises to be tougher and harder than the previous. Therefore, it’s expected that all the fun things that couldn’t be done during school time get done and dusted during the little free time available.

How do British students spend their leisure time? This hasn’t changed very much over the years, but there are activities that keep repeating over the years. And for this new year 2019, they are likely to have a major hold among students.

Below are some activities likely to be done during leisure times by those who study in UK:

1. Honing skills
Some students practice their other skills by engaging in related jobs for meagre pays. For instance, one might opt to work with a writing service for some months to gain some experience in academic writing. If these person is studying a lab-related course, for instance, it would be very useful for him to cut his teeth with a lab report writing service – it’s an all-around win-win situation.

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2. Engaging in union activities
Student unions are a common feature found in British universities. They are a perfect platform for networking and interacting with students from different walks of life. It is common to see students engage in union meetings during their free time. These are times they also get updates from experienced seniors who are treading their desired path. The most important benefit gotten during this is the ability to build professional networks for future partnerships.

3. Sports activities
Naturally, youths love to be up and fully fit, which is why leisure times are the perfect opportunities for most to engage in sports. Be it lawn tennis, badminton, bicycle racing or football, free time is perfect for stretching muscles or getting to work on being fit and healthy.

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4. Learning craft
There are those who love to get their hands busy with crafts, art, painting, even sculpting – different kinds of art and craft-related activities are there to be explored and mastered. And it gets even sweeter when done in groups of four or five. Generally, group activities are always fun compared to flying solo.

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5. Music
Music groups, music bands – this is something that British students enjoy doing a lot. And it doesn’t matter if you are working, studying or writing a lab report in UK – music is for everyone to enjoy creating or listening. Furthermore, there are chances of concerts being organized, and these give learners the platform to display their musical prowess even if they are playing for an orchestra or any other band. Music also provides a good platform for networking, especially for those who would want to take their music rave a step further by envisaging a career in it.

6. Part-time jobs
Well, this has to be on the list not just for British learners. In the midst of all other activities mentioned before, there would also be a time to work and gain experience while raising needed funds for the coming semester or an important exam. A lot of part-time jobs also offer networking opportunities, and they are a good place to get firsthand exposure to the pros and cons of the labour market, depending on your planned pathway and profession.

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