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The Educational Benefits Of Minecraft

Posted by JoseVHodge, 21 November 2018 · 248 views

When children play video games, most parents are skeptical. And that is a good thing. But not all video games are the same. Minecraft is a video game that is now being integrated into homeschool curriculums. The reason is that this amazing game has a lot of educational benefits. Here are some great educational benefits of Minecraft:
The game inspires learning

Minecraft teaches the basic concepts of math and sciences. The game has been incorporated into many classrooms, and students find it very interesting and helpful. The game teaches the concepts of space, volume, geometry, and gravity. Children can learn these concepts in an interesting way. Not only students but also teachers are now interested in this video game.

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Teaches skills to solve problems

This game can teach children easy ways to solve various problems. In “Survival mode”, the players can be hungry or under attack. Players have to figure out ways to protect themselves and find sources of food. They have to find ways to build fences and keep monsters out. By playing the game, again and again, children can improve their critical thinking.

Reading, writing, and spelling

Many kids struggle with basic things like reading, writing, and spelling. Those kids can be greatly benefited from Minecraft. Many parents are amazed at what Minecraft can do for their children. It is even better if your child plays on a server such as Skrafty. It not only improves their typing skills but also teaches them to read, write and spell.

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Improves perception skills

Although most video games can be responsible for your child’s decreased perception and understand of the real world, Minecraft is different. It is now backed by research that Minecraft can improve perception skills. When children play this game, they are encouraged to perceive things and find solutions to different types of problems.

Teaches history

Not only children but also many adults are scared of historical dates and facts. Minecraft introduces famous landmarks and buildings in a very interesting way. Children can learn about the past and get familiar with historical buildings such as the Globe Theatre, the Great Pyramids and the Coliseum. This familiarity prompts them to learn more.

Teaches programming

Players can customize this game in different ways. Modding is a process of customization in which the original program code of the game can be altered. After creating their ores, blocks and other items, children can share them with others. One great thing about Minecraft is that it teaches the basics of Java, a great programming language.


Minecraft teaches the basics of electricity. In this game, you need to combine signal consumers and signal producers and power different types of contraptions and devices. The players also build circuits. These are related to electrical engineering.


Minecraft is unique in another way—you can not “win” in this game. What you want to get out of the game is totally up to you. If you are interested in building amazing stuff, you can do so. If you want, you can fight your enemies. This self-direction contributes to self-confidence.

Provides a global perspective

Children can play the game with anyone from anywhere. They can interact with many types of people from all over the world, and that experience can help them understand diversity.
Children can have a global perspective.

Minecraft has a social nature, and it can help kids learn to designate roles, share responsibilities, complete projects and negotiate designs. All of these skills are valuable.
Business principles

By hosting a server, Minecraft can prepare your child for a career in business, management or systems administration. Children can learn important skills such as how to host and maintain a server, and how to promote the server on social media. Learning these concepts can greatly help children when they grow up and pursue careers.

Inspires creativity

This game lets children use their imagination and creativity. There are endless possibilities of using your imagination and building things. Using imagination and creativity, children can build tree houses, castles, cities, farms, etc. The strategies they use have a positive impact on their minds. This approach can foster their logical thinking and creativity.
Influences teamwork

You can play Minecraft with anyone from around the world. When children play this game, they quickly learn that they can complete projects faster if others help them. They also learn that defending structures is easier if players help one another. In many other ways, the game encourages players to form teams.

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