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The Great Volcano From Tibet - All Mysteries About Formation Of Continents Unveiled

Posted by jibz, 29 January 2016 · 970 views

The Great Volcano from Tibet – Part II - All mysteries about formation of continents unveiled

Introduction: - Here in continuation to the first part, which illustrates how the continents had formed from the Great volcanic eruption, I try to explain some of the mysteries or things which are not satisfactorily explained by the earlier theories or propositions. Here I try to present my interpretations in the process of Evolution of Earth, for which I have used mainly the data available through the internet. However I got a better exposure by exploring many of the places in Western Ghats, planes of India and the Deccan, and gathered lot of inputs or ideas which help me to formulate these propositions or understand the reality of what all things could have happened during the formation of continents in the path of Evolution of Earth.
Also the main intention is not to formulate any theory against Theory of Plate Tectonics, but to understand the facts and reality about formation of Earth and its way of Evolution. Eventually the paper may not be having proper format or structure as it is for a research publication, but this is an effort to make aware the scientific world about the findings. I expect a positive attitude towards the matter and these propositions can be evaluated and be co related to the available database of structure of Earth already with them,
The Primary Proposition: - Evolution of the continents happened from the Great Volcanic eruption from Tibet.
The First Continent.
Initially there were no continents on Earth. Earth must be a spherical planet having smooth and spherical crest surface evenly covered with Ocean, lot of cloud cover and was in the process of cooling down. Earth has a unique feature of having atmosphere and water in it, which enables it to be getting cooled faster, by evaporation of water, formation of convective clouds, that helps easy dissipation of heat to outer space and this water cycle could accelerate the process of cooling down of Earth. The cooling down process involves thickening and hardening of Earth Crest and mantle. When Earth crest gets cooled, it must have tried to shrink resulting into building up of pressure inside the earth crest. The ocean floor in the present location of Asia must have got lifted up due to increased pressure built-up inside the Earth crest and this built-up and ever increasing pressure from the interior of the Earth crest must had continuously been pushing out the crest portion causing the Ocean floor to get lifted above ocean surface and the first continent was formed.
The Great Volcano from Tibet: - The extent and elevation of the exposed land mass or continent thus formed must have went on increasing and this must have taken sufficient long duration so that, by the period of time all living creatures and plants had flourished in the Continent. We can call it as Oceanic Continent which is in place of present Asia, and it must had been very fertile land with sedimentary soil of the ocean floor with lot of rainfall and with full of thick vegetation and lot of early animals like dinosaurs, the Mammoths etc. During the ages, the Oceanic continent must have grown in extent and elevation due to the continuously increasing pressure from the interior of the Earth. This must have had the shape of cone similar to a volcanic mountain, but must be more flat in proportion due to the vast extent of the lofted area. And considering the extent of the uplifted Earth crest, (Now Tibet, The Himalayas and the adjacent areas) the cone shaped area itself comes to about 3500 km or more in diameter. The swelling up of Earth crest must have caused weakening of crest in the uplifted cone portion, as the surface area increases, and ultimately leading to a blasting/explosion causing blowing off of Earth crest, mantle and lava including steam, gases etc., and that was the first Volcanic Eruption in the history of Earth and we call it as (Name?...) the Great Volcano from Tibet. The major portion of the volcanic crater must be blown off by the blast and these materials must had been carried over and fallen widely spread over a wide area all around reaching several thousand kilometers. The balance portion of Earth crest in the volcanic crater must had been carried away through the flown lava and got deposited over many places all over the world. As the southern side of the crater which is now the Himalayas, had not been overtopped by the lava and the Indian subcontinent was not get buried under the lava flow and we can see almost everywhere in the Indian subcontinent, flocks of volcanic rocks and mass sedimentary deposits in the form of plateaus, mountain ranges, isolated mountains, small mounts etc., the formation of which is very difficult to understand or explain otherwise, though there is already accepted propositions and explanations.
The well accepted theory of Plate Tectonics and its basic assumptions is contradictory to this proposal and Plate Tectonics is basically against laws of Physics - I believe - as the Earth crest is solid state rocky soil mass of several kilometers thick and movement of continental plates virtually displacing one another or similar solid continental plates is not possible according to the established laws of Physics and common understanding or reality. There are a lot of mysteries about formation of continents, which could not be explained satisfactorily by the existing theories. (That’s only in my view – and that’s the real motivation behind this search and efforts for finding out the facts or reality, and finally leading to this findings and propositions). And a lot of propositions about formation of Continents associated with the theory of Plate Tectonics, well accepted by the Scientists which I don’t want to discuss here either, which seems to be formulated and fabricated to suit the theory of Plate Tectonics. (This is because many of the research activities are not genuine and has gone down to the status of a tool for gaining additional reputation or a degree of research.) All these confusing and brain twisting mysteries can be clearly and effectively understood once we came to know the reality and facts behind what had really happened or caused the formation of continents.
The Ice Age and formation of Tibetan Plateau:- Now, coming back to the storey of the Great Volcanic eruption from Tibet, after the massive explosion and eruption, lava must had started spreading over of the ocean floor which must had caused immense evaporation and partial drying out of the ocean. The lava flow must not be continuous as there are evidences that some continents like Australia seem to had been pushed out from its earlier location, must be somewhere around the current location of Japan or so, and there are evidences in the form of visible crest floor markings of violent movements of formed continental plates over the oceanic crest floor. The thickness of lava flow approximately comes to about 6-9 kilometers. Drying out of water from the Ocean must have caused accumulation of large quantity of water vapor in the atmosphere along with other gases, ash and steam, which had came out along with lava from interior of the Earth’s crest. The heat from the spread out lava and rising steam from ocean must have caused enormous high velocity convective currents moving upwards forming thick clouds in the outer atmosphere, got cooled, and would came down as continuous rain, and in the mean time clouds and ash combined with smoke must had made the atmosphere in complete darkness with continuous heavy rain. This continuous super cooled heavy rain and lack of Sun’s heat and light due to darkness must have ended in the stage of Ice Age causing flash cooling of flowing lava. And this must be like a quenching action to the volcano and flowing lava, forcing the several thousand meters thick lava to form shape of mountain folds. This flash cooling of the erupting volcano must have caused thickening and subsequent stoppage of lava flow from the crater, before release of the whole internal pressure developed within Earth crest and help retain the flowing profile to the lava. This must be the reason for the elevation of 4,000 plus meters for the Tibetan plateau, which must otherwise should have been subsided down forming a low profile for the crater after releasing the full inside pressure.
Oceanic Ridges: - The mass emptying from the interior of Earth, and the huge and uneven overburden pressure of spread out lava, along with blasted out portions of crest and mantle of the crater portion in the form of continents, must have caused the Oceanic earth crest to deform and subside down causing breakage in oceanic crest and forming the so called mid oceanic ridges. This subsidence and breakage of the Oceanic crest must have caused or induced subsequent breakage and partial separation of continents also, in the same line or profile. Thus America got separated from Africa and Antarctica got separated from somewhere between India and Africa – it must be – and got dragged by the South American continent as it was connected to it. Also there are visible evidences for African continent being pushed farther south by continuously spreading lava from Tibet. (Google Earth images shown along with first part of this paper as visible illustration or evidence). All these movements of continental plates were so fast and violent and happened before hard setting of the lava fill. More evidences of violent movements of continents over the ocean floor can be seen near Japan, New Zealand etc.
How much thick is the Ocean Crest?
Forming Deepest Ocean trench (Mariana Trench):- This is another clear evidence of formation of continents through volcanic activity. Here we can see the evidence for a second layer of lava fill which must had been displaced or pushed away by the subsequent layer of lava spread from the Great volcano. Thus the extra overburden of more than one layer of lava fill, each of 5 to 6 km thick, must had caused the ocean crest to crush and bend down much deeper to form the deepest portion of ocean trenches. Similar phenomena must have happened around New Zealand also, causing much deeper ocean trenches to form along the outer boundary of continental plates.
We have now understood the pattern of lava flow, formation of continents; it’s fast and violent movements over the ocean floor, the formation of mid oceanic ridges, the profile and layout of ocean trenches etc. The reasons for having active volcanoes along the ring of fire, frequent earthquakes towards outer boundary of lava flow in continental plates etc, Sudden stoppage of lava flow due to flash cooling must have caused bulbing of lava at the end portion or outer boundary of lava flow and this excess overburden must had caused further bending down of ocean crest to form oceanic trenches. These trenches are 4 to 5 km further deeper from the ocean floor causing localized bending and visible cracks in ocean floor. The partial drying out of ocean might have increased the downward thrust of overburden over the ocean floor.
According to current and accepted theories, the upper mantle, which is solid and brittle, having thickness of more than 1000km, is supporting the Earth crest. But here we see that an overburden of just 7 to 10 km thick lava had made the ocean crest to bend down further to about 4 to 6 km, forming deep sea trenches. This indicates that ocean crest supported with or together with mantle is not much thick as we have believed and according to existing accepted theories and propositions. If the Crest and Mantle is of said thickness it could have supported the lava filled continental plates without any deformation or failure.
We now understood that oceanic plates are continuous and continental plates are free to slide over the oceanic plates, and were formed from the Great Volcanic activity from Tibet, which include erupted lava, mixed with crest and mantle portion of crater of about 1500 to 2000 km wide.
Why Earthquakes are more during winter?
I’ve come across some interesting statistics (searched out by Dr. Funkenstein) while going through some of the forum topics elsewhere, and it says that out of the 39 major Earth Quakes around the world, 35 of them occurred in winter. I think out of the 4 earthquakes happened during summer may include those from the southern continent also, and that figure can also be added to this as there is winter in the southern Hemisphere during our summer.
It must be sure that the statistics has something to do with the contraction of continental plates, and also this prove to be additional evidence, or this phenomena can be correlated to, or better explained by, the new proposal of formation of continents from the Great volcanic activity from Tibet.
It can be concluded that the continental plates as we see now are formed from the massive volcanic eruption and subsequent lava flow from the great volcano, and the continental plates are free to move over the Original Earth crest (Ocean Floor), but the outer edges of the lava flow along the boundary of the formed continents (ring of fire) might have get fused with the bottom layer of crushed and bend down Earth crest. These top plates are still getting cooled and at varying stress levels and temperature levels inside, trying to reach the final equilibrium. During winter however, as major portion of continents are in northern hemisphere and will certainly get cooled faster and shrink faster compared to the original Earth crest (ocean floor), which is not much affected by the seasonal variation of ambient temperature, causing enormous stresses to develop due to the differential shrinking, finally resulting to movement of plates or repositioning of plates to reach new equilibrium leading to earthquakes and tsunami.
Why high magnitude earthquakes are frequent in Japan?
Along the active boundary of the continents as we see the bulbing of lava fill, and, crushing or bending down of Ocean crest must have caused either piping of lava through the cracks and fissures, or the entrapped molten lava still to be cooled down in the interior of bulb portion, making the region fused together with Earth crest at many points. But the two plates are definitely at different levels of cooling down and the continental plates still haven’t reached the final equilibrium of cooling down and shrinking. Also these continents are connected together near the Northern end and shrinking of continents causes enormous stresses to develop finally resulting into movement of plates above Earth crest leading to frequent earth quakes of high magnitude. In the case of Japan, due to multilayer lava fill, the Ocean crest had bent down to more than 10 km deep forming deepest ocean trench. But the top layer of lava fill had been pushed off by the newly spread layers and thus the overburden pressure which had caused the deformation of Earth crest had been removed partially. Hence there may be a tendency for ocean crest to come back to original shape due to the partial release of overburden pressure. This may be the reason for more frequent high magnitude Earthquakes in Japan.
What may be the reason for sea water level to rise?
As we know the average rise in level of sea water is 2 mm aprox. Per year. There may be multiple reasons for level of sea water to rise. We can take one by one taking the concept of formation of continents from the Great Volcano as base.
1. The portions of blasted out earth crest found deposited or carried away by the lava comprises of 1000 to 2000 m thick sedimentary or metamorphic rock. As the crater portion was once part of ocean floor get lifted up as part of volcanic activity, it is evident that these sedimentary soil deposits are formed over the period of time through various sources. Now also sedimentary deposits are being contributing to increase the thickness of ocean bed, causing sea water level to rise.
2. Now also the process of internal cooling down of earth continues and this causes shrinkage stresses to develop, as in the case, which resulted in the first Great volcanic eruption. As a result the portions of ocean floor which were subsided due to the eruption and emptying, causing the mid oceanic ridges, must apparently be trying to get return to original spherical shape due to the internal building up of pressure. This may be the reason for light tremors in volcanically inactive zones. The primary reason for rise of sea water level may be the combined effect of these two – shrinking of earth crest and lifting up of subsided ocean floor to original shape due to building up of internal thrust.
There may be so many minor reasons also for the rise of sea water level in ocean
Now it’s time to firm up the facts and accept the reality with correlation of evidences and data collected from all over the world and the database already available with the scientists. We can also check how well this could explain the unanswered mysteries relating to formation of continents. And also by understanding the real facts and real concept about formation of Earth and its continents, understanding of the soil structures, prediction of earth quakes, forecasting of climate changes etc could be possible in a better way.
All these facts/reality that are understood without any confusion relating to these findings can be summarized as below. Most of them could not be explained satisfactorily or only with great complexity by the earlier propositions.

1. The major portion of the continents as we see now are formed from the Great volcanic eruption from Tibet and the continent mass thus formed include erupted lava, portions of crest and mantle layers blasted off/carried away from the volcanic crater.

2. The portion around Tibet including portions of lower Himalayas some portions of Indian subcontinent, portions of Asia etc might be formed by the uplift of ocean crest as part of the volcanic activity from Tibet.

3. The continents formed as we see, including submerged area can be called continental plates and are 5 to 10 km in thickness, lying over Ocean crest as overlying layer and are free to move or slide over ocean floor of Earth’s crest.

4. The Ice Age and wiping out of ancient living creatures can be read along with the Great Volcanic Eruption from Tibet.

5. Theory of Plate Tectonics is against laws of Physics as the continent is continuous upto upper mantle which is 1000 to 2000 km thick (according to the theory) and is solid and brittle rocky mass. A solid mass of such a dimension, that too of bulky and irregular shape, cannot move through another solid mass by displacing each other like a floating solid mass passing through a liquid.

6. Deep sea Trenches in ocean crest were formed along the active outer boundary of lava filled continents due to the crushing and bending down of Ocean crest due to the Overburden of overlaying continental plates.

7. The occurrence of frequent earthquakes along the active boundary of continental plates is due to the differential shrinkage of continental plates and Earth Crest. The continental plates are still in the process of cooling down in a faster rate than Earth crest, to reach final equilibrium. And the process of cooling down will be accelerated during winter because major portion of continents are in northern hemisphere and hence the possibility of an earth quake to hit is more during months of Dec-Jan in northern hemisphere and similarly during months of June-July in southern hemisphere.

8. Reason for rise in level of sea water may be due to increase in thickness of sedimentary deposits in ocean bed or due to shrinkage of Earth crest and subsequent building up of internal pressure or due to combined action of both.

9. Scientists now are of the argument that the Himalayas grow up in height. If this statement is true it has to be taken seriously and more research shall be concentrated to evaluate the same. And again, if this is true, it shall never be due to the “movement of Indian plate towards the static Asian plate”, but this could end up with another Volcanic eruption from Tibet. The Tibet, which is the crater of Great Volcanic Eruption, and had subsided due to the flash freezing of the atmosphere before releasing out the full internal pressure, and that is why the Tibet could keep such a high profile even after cooling down. A former crater is the weakest portion of Earths crest and if the internal pressure of Earth is still building up to such a magnitude to erupt out, it shall only be through Tibet.

To read the full illustrative storey given as first part of this paper follow link given in the first part of the blog under "Jibzgreatvolcano" above or visit my blog under the link below and go to post given as part I.

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