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Evolution Of Himalaya And Tibet, And The Great Volcano

Posted by jibz, 30 September 2015 · 1983 views

I've prepared an article on Geography relating to the formation of continents through the Great Volcanic Eruption from Tibet, which proposes some twist in the existing theories. It need to be submitted before reputed Organizations or Scientists for open discussion, approval and acceptance.
The essence of the proposal can be quoted as "Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau was not formed due to the collision of the said plates but due to a huge and massive volcanic eruption and the entire Tibetan plateau is the huge Volcanic Crater formed due to the eruption. The Volcano was so massive that the lava had flown to the sea at a thickness averaging 4-5 kilometers, bending or crushing the then existed earth crust. The Lava had flown through the sides of the crater except through the Himalayan ranges and the Indian subcontinent had not got buried under the Volcanic Lava. The Himalayan Ranges is the South side of the volcanic crater and this portion had not been overtopped by the Lava from the eruption." Links to the article and my blog is as shown below.
Know this is not a theory, But is the fact. Please go through it, explore and get convinced, and let us accept the fact. Thank you..

with regards
jibu kc

Link to my Blog: http://jibzgreatvolcano.blogspot.in/

Link to the article

Some points added and revised

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The article given as attached link as well as my blog has revised

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