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Hi, I Am Having Trouble Understanding The Concept Of Space And The Concept Of Volume.

Posted by Algird1, 10 September 2012 · 135621 views

I can imagine a 3+1 dimensional "event" called "SPACE" that can exist in-and-of itself i.e. this SPACE may or may not contain anything but itself.

I can also imagine this 3+1 dimensional event as something which may or may not contain matter and/or it may or may not contain energy.

If the event I have above recognized as SPACE contains some matter, then this SPACE has density (m/v).

1) But where does the volume (v) come from? Is this volume also a 3+1 event that exists independent of SPACE? Or is volume simply a mathematical tool or construct designed to help us give expression to a particular "pattern" of energy/matter?

2) Does this posited 3+1 dimensional event called SPACE become dimensionally altered when, for whatever reason, it is found to contain, envelop, embrace, co-exist with, etc. some units of matter and energy?

3) Because no two things can occupy the same place at the same time, does the matter and energy just spoken of displace in any way the 3+1 dimensional space?

4) In other words, does space expand,contract to accomodate matter and energy?

Thank you for your kind assistance,

Hmm, that's cool


um, Yeah it's a problem that people get stuck on...


When you start thinking with one concept, you automatically , re-apply, the same concept...


trying to find "beauty/order in your reasoning.


Thankfully we have computers NOW!!


They're ugly and know how to think ugly...


well I think they are beautiful




PS, I think you mean 3D + t (time), = Spacetime, is a concept, which encloses the 3D volume (matter/whatever, observed quantity, your coffee cup)  ... the +t is you drinking the coffee --> the faster you drink it, the more "space" you occupy , (if some-one is watching)


ie. the initial 3D+t is actually just the thing that you and I play out the game of existence on.

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