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Zhou Jian Star Chart 2012072 Verify Hubble's Discovery Of The Giant Arc Idcs J1426.5 +3508

Posted by zhou jian, 01 July 2012 · 933 views

Zhou Jian Star Chart 2012072 Verify Hubble's Discovery Of The Giant Arc IDCS J1426.5 +3508
Photo / Zhou Jian / July 1, 2012
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The universe is like this, when you simply to observation it, all the guess may,and when you have mastered the mathematical analysis method to study it again after, all of that guess don't exist.

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Seeing is believing, seeing is believing it! Yesterday forecast giant arc IDCS J1426.5 +3508 mathematical analysis of the star map is drawn, see Hubble discovered this giant arc of celestial bodies direct observational data (see astrobites / astro-ph reader's Digest), I am so happy pleased quickly these direct observations of the Hubble immediately drawn to Zhou Jian star chart, and which is the site called the origin of the Zhou Jian star chart 2012072, and named for the mathematical analysis star chart of the Hubble giant arc IDCS J1426.5 +3508.

Piece of star map is based on Zhou Jian star chart 2012071, and Based on the analytical cosmological state in the nearby region of 10 billion light years, and then the Hubble found that the direct observations of giant arcs IDCS J1426.5 +3508 draw up the mathematical analysis of the formation of star maps.

Zhou Jian diagram is drawn by apparent magnitude observed by the optical system as a benchmark, so the infrared observational data of mathematical analysis, there are some systematic observation errors, but the standard distance is absolutely accurate, this giant arc IDCS J1426.5 +3508interpret the experience to judge it in the standard distance of 8,763,987,822 ly (87.6 billion light years away) near the error will never exceed 3%, in accordance with the author, this error should be about 1%.

Of course, we can also Hubble discovered that the giant arc IDCS J1426.5 +3508 observational data to understand the theory of Big Bang cosmology, that is, it is about 230,000km / s depending on the speed departure from our inflated away, this isabout 77% of the speed of light in the expansion.

In fact, we all know that motion is relative. Observer of the observer in motion the train up observation on the ground, and the observer on the ground to observe the train in motion on the observer, the movement observed results were the same, of course, these two The observer Earth observation background.

Similarly, the universe observation is also true, but the background of our observations from the Earth into a complete universe as a whole. The relative Hubble discovered this giant arc IDCS J1426.5 +3508 celestial bodies, if it really is 77% the speed of light relative to our movement, flew away, it is the "train" in the high-speed movement, And we are the observers of the "station" in the universe.

Unfortunately, this also expansion of the universe, like our planet in the expansion, we train there is no motion, but the global expansion. This is in the observation of the universe in a "camouflage", and big bang cosmology is nothing more than to "camouflage" paint vivid nothing, and allows us to see such a beautiful flawless universe, spectacular,,and we did not even know that this is similar to the mirage that we see at the beach on the magnificent landscape, and it sooner or later to disappear.

This is why the big bang cosmology tells us the future of the universe, and it will eventually become the "ice" and "lonely death" to, and we just happen to exist in bale, this is the detonation of the "singularity", and it soared to quickly erase the mercy of the god of the universe given to us by grace.

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