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Zhou Jian Star Chart 2012057 To Meet The Black Hole In The Center Of A Galaxy Growth Challenge

Posted by zhou jian, 14 June 2012 · 624 views

Zhou Jian Star Chart 2012057 to meet the black hole in the center of a galaxy growth challenge
Picture / Zhou Jian (周坚)/ June 14, 2012
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The universe is like this, when you simply to observation it, all the guess may,and when you have mastered the mathematical analysis method to study it again after, all of that guess don't exist.
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Astronomers long have thought that a supermassive black hole and the bulge of stars at the center of its host galaxy grow at the same rate -- the bigger the bulge, the bigger the black hole.
However, from the U.S. space agency (NASA)'s official website 2012.6.11 news reports, a new study of Chandra data has revealed two nearby galaxies with supermassive black holes that are growing faster than the galaxies themselves,in the nearby two galaxy NGC 4342 and NGC 4291 exceptions. This is a serious challenge! Challenge! But! But! Born on March 8, 2009 on Chinese soil analytical cosmology can meet this challenge, we are told in the end this is why! Why!

Look! No. Zhou Jian Star Chart 2012057 is to meet this challenge by drawing, I call it the galaxies NGC 4342 and NGC 4 291 Mathematical Analysis Star Chart. It is the composite images, X-rays from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory are colored blue, infrared data from the 2MASS project are seen in red, and the Zhou Jian diagram from the analytical cosmology (29 June 2009 was born in Chinese), combined into a Zhou Jian Star Chart, the observed data will draw in the picture, like to draw the geometry plot, and by observing the intuitive mathematical analysis, will ultimately mathematical analysis of the results indicated in the figure. Of course, all this has a rigorous mathematical formula, but the arithmetic is very complex, but not as good as the star map so simple and clear expression.

In order to understand the problem of black holes in galaxies of NGC 4342 and NGC 4291, we must first know the characteristics of their size, actual observations only their angular size, their size, we do not know. But analytical cosmology given a calculation of the Zhou Jian function of the galaxy size, from this galaxy the size of the problem we solved mathematical analysis by Zhou Jian Star Chart.

L ook! Piece of Zhou Jian star chart 2012057 tells us that the size of the galaxy NGC 4342 (left image) D is 41,000 light-years, while the galaxy NGC 4291 (right image), the size of D is 104 000 light-years. Ha ha, now we know that the right of the galaxy (NGC 4 291) and we live in the Milky Way is almost the same size, and that the left side of the galaxy (NGC 4342) the Milky Way has just two fifths so much.

When we know that these two galaxies the size of the black hole problem solved. Black hole, in short, is a gravitational force strong objects, and even light can not escape.In theory, when the Schwarzschild radius of the star, to a certain extent, even the vertical surface-emitting light can not escape, and this is the black hole of stellar magnitude. However, analytical cosmology tells us that from the angle of observation that the evolution of the whole of the stars is quite complex, but no matter how complex it strictly follow the evolution of the cyclical nature (in the star chart with the stellar evolution from the circle to represent the star's own evolution cycle law is discussed in detail to see released on October 4, 2011 entitled "stellar evolution of the whole process of the observational characteristics of Bowen, Bowen address: http://blog.tech110....ce-itemid-61342). Thus, the stellar magnitude of the black hole in the universe, the only natural environment is not the case.

Even if the black hole of stellar magnitude does not exist, that the black hole of the super stars of magnitude should exist, in fact, the magnitude of the super stars black holes do not exist.Why?Long story, a detailed discussion see October 6, 2011, entitled "discovered that the universe is accelerating the evolution of globular clusters of the expansion to help process the observational characteristics appear - to pay tribute to the winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics" Bowen, Bowen address:http://blog.tech110.net/index.php?uid-9305-action-viewspace-itemid-61362).

Why are there to uplift the bulge that the center of the galaxy? What is its center? Is not the density of the supreme black hole?Yes!Why? Long story, discussed in detail to see released on October 7, 2011 entitled "galaxy evolution diagram of the observational characteristics of the birth from the cosmic acceleration - pay tribute to the winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics" Bowen, Bowen address:http://blog.tech110.net/index.php?uid-9305-action-viewspace-itemid-61380).

Oh, is too complicated, but no matter how complex the galaxies within the cosmogonic always change, but in any case change as conditions change, they are regularly to be found are single stellar evolutionextension of evolution law of the environment in which the universe fills the final result of all this evolution are the material existence of the mutual conversion under certain conditions, the behaviors demonstrated by nuclear fusion and nuclear fission, the two main forms, whichkinds of nuclear reaction energy release arising from the outbreak of the results is a gravitation is exactly the opposite centrifugal force, and everything in the universe of stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, etc. this is the energy release of nuclear reactions produced by the centrifugal force and gravitation balance of material existenceform of the galaxy's central black hole is nothing more than numerous stellar evolution to achieve in a very strong nebula of a nuclear reaction energy release produced by the centrifugal force and gravitation balance a state, like the sun on which we depend to survive, this is ourWhy can the observed universe is homogeneous and isotropic reasons, because the universe as a whole, it is nothing more than a variety of physical effects and balance the body, which in the past is so balanced, it is now such a balance in the future even more sobalanced, the universe as a unique natural as a whole will always be a balanced body, it does not exist the problem of sickness and death, but all the material in a form but always interchangeable under certain conditions, the conversion processthe problems of illness and death.

Haha, I today finally black hole is what explanation out, it is nothing more than the stars created by the special environment of the universe together evolution of the material in a form to achieve a balanced state, but in any case are not we over the past century has been thatkinds of high-density body. At this point, we observed galaxy of NGC 4 342 and NGC 4291 black hole it is easy to understand.

From the star map, we were able to see these two galaxies are toward our movement from the left of the image of the galaxy (NGC 4 342) or 900 km / s depending on the speed towards us bolted from, converted intoper hour speed is 3.24 million km from Earth to the Moon in just seven minutes. Of course, we are currently recognized by the Big Bang theory of the universe to understand, it is 739km / s depending on departure from the speed of our expansion away, because we observed its redshift is 0.002468, will it all be understood as more than Doppler redshift Doppler effect is the case, and the farther shown by the expansion of the faster, but only 10 million light years of NGC 4291 than that of NGC 4342 is far, why the expansion speed of 1777km / s it?Expansion faster than of NGC 4342 has nearly doubled, but it is far distance only 0.1 times, inflated out of proportion it is true, of course, we can also guess that they are variable-speed expansion, the universe is accelerating expansion of the observable facts, notobserved (1998), but this disproportionate expansion of the universe still exists, in any case, we can give what a reasonable explanation.

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