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Nanotechnology Systems - 4Th Semester - Only 5 Weeks Left!

Posted by CerebralEcstasy, 22 March 2012 · 1270 views

I missed blogging about the entire 3rd semester, but it was a good one. I managed to find a different part-time job, and learned how better to capitalize on the time I had available. I ended up with honors for the 3rd semester while carrying a 30 hr work week to boot.

This last semester, I started late due to a job, and financial issues, but start I did. We ended up moving off the acreage, and I ended up giving up my financing on my car. I have sacrificed a lot to do this, but after having interviewed for a new position within my field (and getting that position), and only having 5 weeks left, I'd say the gamble and sacrifice was worth it.

I'm carrying an 8 course load this semester and at the end of February I realized that my job and the meager amount of money I was earning for it, was hurting me - so I quit. As a result of working too much, my marks are all over the board again as I struggle with exhaustion and the I just don't give a rat's patoot about this any more mentality. I am also struggling to regain the confidence of my team (we worked in teams this semester) as they were quite ticked that I was working a 3/2 split shift and missing every other day.

I do want to do well though, last couple of exams have been high and low, one quiz worth 2.3% I tanked....the midterm I scored middle of the road, and I'm not too pleased with that. I know what I need to do, but am having a hard time beating myself into work more mode *laughs*

I'm finding the motivational aspect to be pretty difficult. We're being bombarded with presentation after presentation, lab after lab, and more exams. I am completely trained to work in a class 1000 cleanroom though! I have increased my limited knowledge to an extensive base, which I will continue to build upon while working.

This is probably not very concise, but it is a real-life update for myself to read when I'm completely done with this course. 5 weeks, 1.7 days to go. Time to remember to go hard or go home. I'm off to kick some $%@ and take some names. See you in 5 weeks.

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