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An Atheists Message...

Posted by LJP07, 19 June 2008 · 658 views

Well, this is my first blog here on Hypography, and as a long lasting member of this forum, I thought it suit that I deliver a blog. One thing that comes to mind when writing a blog is an initial thought that overtakes your day or your week and imposes this on paper to the public, and my concerning issue would be Atheism and the existence of a God.

Firstly, the question arises of what is a God? I asked a Priest in Ireland this recently and replied that he did not know, he pondered for several minutes before arriving at this disappointing conclusion. My view was that God was an extrapolation of the senses almost like an "Emotion"...this would be an emotion which people think they gain a sense of comfort from and so if you attack this comfort, it's uncomfortable for them and is my reason why religious people find it difficult to succumb to a debate on the issue. Concluding, Man created God, God didn't create Man.

You also have to look at the vast array of Gods that have existed, whether they be monotheistic or polytheistic. You have the Abrahamic God of the Jews, Christians and Muslims...then Buddha, Sikhism, and the Greek and Roman Gods, you have Egyptian Gods like Osiris ( who also believe in Resurrection, a mimic of Jesus' tale ). With all these Gods in social circulation, you have to raise doubt upon the legitimacy of a superior God. As Richard Dawkins puts it, we're all atheists with regard to fairies, and if anyone questioned whether you had faith in a fairy, they would think you are crazy, the only difference between the fairy and God is that with God, you have millions of followers and it appears normal to have this belief and not-normal to believe otherwise.

Speaking of a superior God, Miracles are apparently performed and shared with the devout. Lourdes in France is a common location. Lets analyze the science of Miracles. There have been recorded 86 Miracles in Lourdes!! Millions visit each year since it was discovered, so the statistical chance of some of them becoming cured by placebo or by chance is very high, plus you never hear of amputated legs or serious disease like this being ever cured, has God got something against amputees?

The Resurrection has to be put into question, the Mayans, Aztecs and Egyptians all replicate the same story of the God being resurrected, this alone diminishes any legitimacy of the story. Many Bishops actually claim that the Virgin Birth Did Not occur, they believe that it is glorified however they do believe in the Resurrection. I find it funny how the Church "Cherry Pick", the parts they want to believe and the parts they don't want to believe. I also asked clergymen "Are all the stories in the Bible true and do you believe in Evolution?", the same response was achieved "No, only some of the stories are true and we do believe in Evolution"...this raised two questions for me:

1. Why are they contradicting the Book of Genesis?

2. Why are they Cherry Picking stories they want to believe and don't want to believe, what merits their decision as true and how do they know they are true?

Another point I agree with leading Atheists is the idea of Labeling Children. For example, it's not really fair to label a child a Christian, Muslim, or Jewish based on the parents because the child is too young to know what is right and wrong to believe in. This is especially a problem if you are unlucky enough to be born into a serious Muslim society where the penalty for apostasy is death or genital mutilation.

So the idea that a God can read your mind, create the Earth in 6 days 6000 years ago, forgive your sins and raise you from the dead puts things into serious questioning as to why people still believe. If it gives people comfort that's all well and good, but that doesn't make the existence of a God in any way True, it simply means you are living a deluded lie for the sake of fear of the harsh reality of life. While understanding the true functioning of the Universe is far my interesting and wonderful than any God ever manufactured by the human mind.

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