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Glimpses On Time/hypothesis On Time Particles

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When everything is considered to be made of particle such as force particle, matter particle, life particle we can also consider time also to be made of time particles or 'Hal dons.' Time is made of infinitely small but homogeneous and heterogeneous particles moving in all directions throughout universes, accompanying energy dissipation and accumulation as well. Time is not a state function in this new hypothesis. In short the hypothesis may be enumerated as below:

1. Time particle or 'Hal dons' can move only in one cosmological direction in the material world or universe either in expanding universe or in receding universe.

2. It can move in both the direction in the brain-mind system of consciousness.

3. In brain-mind system of consciousness, vacuum is created in time particles to expose the reality of things.

4. It is associated with every element in this universe.

5. It came out with the birth of universe.

6. Before that it was in latent state with the unique controlling force of the so called Big Bang.

7. It cannot be stopped in the material universe and it is independent of general media.
8. It is homogeneous in all direction in particular system of creation.

9. It acts on every element in relation to its manifestation or future form/s.

10. It seems to be faster than light in the brain-mind system of consciousness.

11. It renders great assistance to reach maximum entropy.
H= ∫dQ max.

proving second law of thermodynamics which states that the total entropy of any isolated thermodynamic system tends to increase over time, approaching a maximum value;

12. It is the reducer of energy in final stage dissipating the same in related matrix.
∫ E

Entropy is a function of a quantity of heat in a system which is capable of doing work. When heat is added to a system at high temperature, the increase in entropy is small. When heat is added to a system at low temperature, the increase in entropy is great. Thus, under maximum entropy, there is a minimum of energy available for doing work and, under minimum entropy; there is a maximum of energy available for doing work.

13. It leaves impression on every change. The impression is removed again by other sets of Hal dons.

14. Sets of Hal dons released at different stages of multiple creation, assimilation of matter with energy variation.

15. Every matter is a bundle of Hal dons in the form of sub-atomic particles acting to exhaust its time resources in various energy assimilation or dissipation.

16. Sets of Hal dons are emitted during the change of energy level of sub-atomic particles in any matter. The less is the change the least is the decay.

17. The seemingly empty space of sub-atomic world is filled simply with Hal dons.

18. The speed of Hal dons is inversely proportional to the gravitational force of different bodies.
1 1
h ∞ ─ , h = Ĉ x ─ , where Ĉ is time constant, h= speed of Hal-don x G G


19. When energy is infinite time seems to be zero, means stationery.

t= s √─ Where S=distance & when E = ∞, t=0 i.e. point of singularity. E E

Hal dons is slowest in the condensate where E = ∞

Now, s =t√ E, & when t=0, s=0 when there was no time, there was no space also.

20. If the Haldons are removed from the mass of the body what remains? Only the charge remains, it remains without any movement because movement is co-related with the Hal dons. So the charge without movement is destruction or collapse. Without Hal dons there is no existence of charge and hence no existence of constituting sub-atomic particles and subsequently no universe.

21. When matter and antimatter collide energy is released in forms of new particle along with the emergence of light. Energy becomes great compared to the size of particles so time vanishes to become light and to fill the vacuum other Hal dons rush in to maintain the journey of light and the new particles are created.

22. When everything with all its reservoir of energy decays into Hal- dons it is very easy to assume that everything has emerged out of Haldons only.

23. When we see any object we never think at the first instant that it is made of infinitely small sub-atomic particle rather we think it is matter en mass. So what we feel and observe the totality of Time element and not the infinite number of Haldons packed together to give the impression of time in whole to an ordinary observer.

24 In conjunction with the introduction of idea of time particle or Hal- dons there must be field of force associated with the time system. This field behaves in different mode of action. At the same time it is gravitational and electromagnetic, strong and weak force. It has been previously stated that Hal dons is the essence of charge in the subatomic particle. Finally charge is the essence of particle. Thus it is evident that Hal dons are the essence of all forces and matter.

25. In negative curvature of space Haldons behave like heterogeneous one while in the positive homogeneous.
The role of entropy in cosmology remains a controversial subject. Recent work has cast extensive doubt on the heat death hypothesis and the applicability of any simple thermodynamic model to the universe in general. Although entropy does increase in the model of an expanding universe, the maximum possible entropy rises much more rapidly - thus entropy density is decreasing with time. This results in an "entropy gap" pushing the system further away from equilibrium. Other complicating factors, such as the energy density of the vacuum and macroscopic quantum effects, are difficult to reconcile with thermodynamical models, making any predictions of large-scale thermodynamics extremely difficult. (HETEROGENEOUS TIME PARTICLE POSTULATION)
In a thermodynamic system, a "universe" consisting of "surroundings" and "systems" and made up of quantities of matter, its pressure differences, density differences, and temperature differences all tend to equalize over time - simply because equilibrium state has higher probability (more possible combinations of microstates) than any other - see statistical mechanics. (HOMOGENEOUS TIME PARTICLE POSTULATION)

26. Haldons carry information bits. If they are made prisoner we can draw out past, present and future information.

27. Haldons are to be treated generally as free particles to arrive at a mathematical expression but Haldons are governed by intra- Haldonian exchange of motivation for ultimate cosmic fate or evolution.

Free Particle Waves
The general free-particle wave-function is of the form

Which as a complex function can be expanded in the form

Euler relationship.

Either the real or imaginary part of this function could be appropriate for a given application. In general, one is interested in particles which are free within some kind of boundary, but have boundary conditions set by some kind of potential. (POSTULATE: 27)

28. In any finite system if Haldons can be tracked it can reveal the true picture of incident occurred in that time frame. This can be understood when we think of our memory. But it has only virtual
existence in nature.
In 1862, Clausius stated what he calls the “theorem respecting the equivalence-values of the transformations” or what is now known as the second law of thermodynamics, as such:
The algebraic sum of all the transformations occurring in a cyclical process can only be positive, or, as an extreme case, equal to nothing.
i.e. dissipates in Time Matrix.

Collision brings out particles from a continuous stream. Subatomic particles are generated as a result of collision.
Time particles are also generated as a result of collision. But the question is how? How such collision can be made and with what? Who can bring changes in Time? It is gravitation which is responsible for the change. When the gravitation seems to be infinite the space crumbles into nothingness bringing down its time element to zero. The shock is felt everywhere, Time particles are generated; the cosmological direction of time tends to be reversed by presence of heterogeneous Haldons. Then the intra-Haldonian motivation starts functioning with the increase of potential energy in dynamic form initiating the cause of receding Universe changing its fate. Heterogeneous & Homogeneous Time particles are generated from the matrix of Time giving rise to the motivation of collapsing universe by recession of system in subject universe and at the same time giving rise to motivation of expanding the system creating other universe by homogeneous Haldons through a passage of nothingness.

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