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Posted by Moontanman, 19 August 2010 · 1027 views

i gave a talk at the local college marine lab, UNCW Marine Sciences Center, on the paddlefish, it was an Aquarium club meeting but a couple of marine biologists attended. The talk went well, i brought a live paddlefish in a cooler as a prop. My audience was enthralled, the lab director was so impressed he is setting up an aquarium to house a specimen and the local State run public aquarium wants some specimens as well. The fish are doing well, none are longer than 8" or so compared to their hatch mates at 18 to 20 inches. I almost have the new 75 gallon tank set up, just a few minor details to finish and I'll have my fish in a bigger tank, I'm going with black sand this time. My daphnia cultures are still producing and I am feeding the daphnia on mostly bakers yeast. The fish in the 30 gallon tank are starting to show some signs of stress but the fish out side in the 50 gallon tank are doing quite well, they seem to do better in murky water.

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