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I suck at Browser Compliance Testing

Posted by Tormod, 29 September 2008 · 1012 views

Developing websites is fun, but being a hardcore hand coder means I don't use tools which fix the code for me.

Developing on my Mac also means I know fairly well how things look in Safari, Opera and Firefox. But Internet Explorer is a problem. I have to either boot my Mac into Boot Camp (so that I boot into Windows), or I have to run Windows in Parallells Desktop. The latter is slow and tedious, particularly since I run Vista (my copy of Windows XP has been activated too many times...thanks Microsoft).

I rarely need to use Windows, except when I register my work hours. The only reason is that the system we use at work requires an ActiveX control, so I have to use Internet Explorer.

And occasionally I'll check up on Hypography while I'm at it, and today I noticed that the right column on the front page, and the forum index page, shows the wrong size for the top ad and the "who's online" (and the recent topics on the index). The column is squeezed into a 160 pixel table cell instead of expanding to 300 pixels.


If only you guys would tell me now and then that something looked funny. :banghead:

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